Graco announces new Traffic Tape Striping Solution
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Graco announces new Traffic Tape Striping Solution

Graco announces new Traffic Tape Striping Solution

Graco Inc., a leading manufacturer of fluid handling equipment, is proud to announce the launch of the new TapeLazerTM HP Automatic traffic tape applicator.

Since the introduction of the LineLazer line striper in 1990, Graco has continued the tradition of innovation with the new TapeLazer HP Automatic system.

Graco has combined key features from the LineLazer V line stripers with ground-breaking new technology to make traffic tape applications faster and easier than ever before – maximizing efficiency and profitability on every job.

The Graco TapeLazer HP Automatic system can apply permanent or temporary traffic tape up to 14 inches wide with the speed of a large truck and the accuracy of a walk-behind taper.

Operators can easily apply double lines in a single pass and pre-program skip lines with no layout required while achieving fast, accurate starts and stops with the push of a button.

Graco’s innovative multi-step cutting process and single, no-stick blade eliminates the need for a messy oiler and ensures the best possible tape adhesion, every time. When it comes time to change the blade, the QuikChangeTM blade is designed to swap out in seconds – eliminating downtime and allowing operators to finish the job faster.

“Graco’s new TapeLazer HP Automatic system makes applying traffic tape as easy as putting down paint – opening up this highly profitable market to all striping contractors,” said Mike Vangstad, Global Product Marketing Manager for Pavement Equipment at Graco.

Graco announces new Traffic Tape Striping Solution

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