New innovative Hitch-System from SIWI delivers efficiency and safety for farmers
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New innovative Hitch-System from SIWI delivers efficiency and safety for farmers

New innovative Hitch-System from SIWI delivers efficiency and safety for farmers

Newly launched in the UK, Danish company SIWI has developed the hitch system of the future. A hitch system that lets you change your attachments or trailer directly from the tractor or forage harvester cab.

When hitching, all you need to do is reverse the tractor or forage harvester, lift the module up and connect the hydraulic hoses and electrical power – all done from the cab seat.

Farmers can use the system for an array of different tasks – from forage harvesting to muck spreading. The scope of how you can effectively use the SIWI Combi-Hitch system is unlimited!

SIWI Machines, a Danish frontrunner in Combi-Hitch technology has increased its focus and expansion to the UK market with the aim to significantly improve working life for British farmers. The company has already secured its first customers in the UK and has partnered up with Keith Rennie Machinery (KRM) on an agreement to distribute the full range of SIWI products across the UK. Farmers can even try their hand at building their own SIWI tailored to their specific needs.

Brand New Innovative Hitch-System from SIWI - Providing Better Efficiency and Safety for British Farmers.

Steen N. Jensen, Sales and Marketing Director at SIWI says “At SIWI Machines we are very excited about the opportunity to give much more attention and dedication to the UK market, which we believe has great potential. Hooking up a tractor-implement combo can be a bit of a chore, and downright exhausting if it’s a regular occurrence, but SIWI’s technology is taking the job from minutes to seconds and leaving the operator in the tractor seat. SIWI is a lot about safety, because it’s a fully automatic hitch-system where you can reverse back, lift up an implement, and don’t need to leave the tractor at all. We believe SIWI Combi-Hitch can make a real positive change for British farmers, and we are very proud to work together with KRM,” 

SIWI’s first customer in the UK, farmer James Shorten from A.J. Shorten Limited in Norfolk, purchased two double systems and during the first year he experienced an increase of efficiency of 25%. In addition to that he was able to remove the extra loader from his cab. The technology allows operators to easily switch between a variety of tractors, trailers, implements and other machinery on the farm. Connecting and disconnecting equipment can be time consuming and unproductive, but SIWI Combi-Hitch enables the operator to do it in under 30 seconds. The system offers a quick connection of tractor and implement — hydraulic couplers, Pneumatic brakes, PTO driveline, and many different electrical systems, such as ISOBUS — at the push of a button.

“SIWI Combi-Hitch is a welcome product in the UK market. We see that due to field size and the variety of different farm operations, a significant amount of time is spent connecting and disconnecting machinery. Farmers not only see cost savings from machinery and labour, but also have a safer working environment,” says Mike Britton, CEO at KRM

“SIWI Combi-Hitch allows you to have several different implements to switch between, and that’s what our customers do. A contractor can now work alone in the field with the highest possible level of working environment. They are able to unhitch for example a Lime spreader within seconds, use the same tractor with a front loader to load the Lime spreader and continue the work out in the field,” says Steen N. Jensen, Sales and Marketing Director at SIWI.

Brand New Innovative Hitch-System from SIWI - Providing Better Efficiency and Safety for British Farmers.

Inventor and owner Rasmus Helms, grew up on one of Denmark’s largest organic dairy farms, spending thousands of hours getting on and off tractors while using a variety of implements to clean yards, load wagons, and feed animals. It was during those years he came up with the idea for SIWI Combi-Hitch.

First educated as a mechanic and later as an engineer, Helms started his own company to build and market SIWI Combi-Hitch System in 2012. His first-generation product was used primarily for pulling trailers behind a forage harvester or tractor. The system gained popularity and customers began asking for a version that could also connect a PTO shaft, which Helms introduced in 2016.

Since then, the company has moved from its home market in Denmark throughout the borders to the following countries: UK, Sweden, Belgium, Holland, France, Spain, Poland, Latvia, Ukraine, Canada, USA, Australia and Japan. The last years SIWI has distributed

more than +250 units into the different markets and see inquiries from all over the world. The interest for SIWI’s product has been massive across the world and one organic posted YouTube video showing SIWI Combi-Hitch in action has gone viral with nearly 21 million views on FaceBook.

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