Nexxiot and Arkema team-up to revolutionize Chemical Transportation
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Nexxiot and Arkema team-up to revolutionize Chemical Transportation

Nexxiot and Arkema team-up to revolutionize Chemical Transportation

French specialty materials manufacturer Arkema is now harnessing the capabilities of Swiss logistics digitization pioneer Nexxiot.

The companies have partnered to digitize Arkema’s Isotank (tank container) and rail freight wagon fleet using Nexxiot’s cutting-edge IoT devices and intelligent cloud platform. The partnership will deliver end-to-end visibility for Arkema customers to improve quality standards and transform the overall service experience.

Forward-looking companies like Arkema are constantly thinking about ways to create value with new innovations. Jean-Marc Viallatte, the Arkema Vice President Supply Chain Group said: “We understand our customers require the highest levels of confidence around the transportation of their cargo. They expect visibility from the moment they place an order to the second that the cargo is delivered. We believe that by monitoring location and other critical cargo parameters like acceleration events, temperature, pressure and levels, we can take our customer experience to the next level.”

Nexxiot’s proprietary technology will be integrated with wider digitization initiatives to create a seamless experience for users. The Arkema program will combine sensors and business intelligence to deliver much more than location tracking. “Work is underway to deliver predictive services based on data, to increase trust, safety and security as part of our overall digital transformation strategy,” Viallatte added.

Nexxiot CEO Stefan Kalmund explained: “Better transportation simply translates to better services for the end customer – the cargo recipient or owner. The data is processed using Nexxiot’s powerful machine learning software to continuously improve supply chain performance. This means reducing the time the fleet stays idle and monitoring the practices of transport partners like carriers. Ultimately, these data derived opportunities translate to higher quality processes, better prices and an unparalleled end-to-end customer experience, which is why our clients choose Nexxiot solutions.”

This partnership represents a major shift for the chemical sector. Previously, when the products left the plant, chemical goods were at the mercy of third-party service providers across the transport chain. Now, Nexxiot’s IoT Globehopper device and the integration and analysis of its cloud platform, it becomes possible to create continual improvements and increased value. Arkema’s customer experience will be greatly enhanced as will its supply chain efficiency and sustainability.

Nexxiot and Arkema team-up to revolutionize Chemical Transportation

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