UK’s leading driver safety software heads for Australia
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UK’s leading driver safety software heads for Australia

UK’s leading driver safety software heads for Australia

Praiso is a cloud-based platform that combines evidence-based machine learning and its unique algorithms to tailor continuous digital driver and educational content.

Managing a large fleet presents challenges on many fronts, and Praiso helps reduce accident rates and fuel spend, lowers insurance premiums, and dramatically improves driver safety. Praiso’s ‘SaaS’ – software as a service – delivery model operates across all platforms, including desktop computers and mobile devices, and ensures that drivers can switch easily between devices to complete feedback and interactive training.

Praiso’s success continues to skyrocket following the re-branding and re-design of The Driving Doctor. The innovative SaaS platform is taking the UK’s driver training industry by storm, as it secures a lucrative deal with Australian based organisation, GeoSecure, due to the same demands as the UK market.

Customers are turning to Praiso because they are facing difficulties such as poor communication with their fleet, drivers who are uninterested in learning, high fleet operating costs, complicated data from TSPs, and expensive and ineffective classroom courses. However, shortly after introducing Praiso, companies like Krispy Kreme, HDI, and CASS discovered that rewarding and encouraging better driving habits results in a safer, smarter fleet of drivers. They appreciate that, while their drivers become more involved and thrilled about the gamification-themed digital driver training content, their brand’s reputation is also being protected. Managers at all levels like Praiso’s time-saving service since they no longer have to sort through intricate data, reports, 1-2-1 meetings, and excessive paperwork. It’s as if a digital fleet manager is assisting the fleet management by reporting easy-to-understand KPIs, driver performance, engagement scores, and near misses in real-time.

Jason Fitzgerald, Commercial Director at Praiso, remarks on the agreement, “We are delighted about this partnership and aim to work together not only technically but also culturally to reach a common objective of providing an unrivalled driver safety management solution across multiple locations. From the start, it was evident that Australian fleets and insurers are constantly looking for smarter ways to control risk. Praiso’s real-time interventions and coaching equip any driver with responsive and dynamic driver training that addresses driver behaviour improvements on the fly.”

GeoSecure, led by Andrew Hutson, with over 20 years’ experience in providing advanced software solutions that solve complex business problems, eagerly accepts to partnership with Praiso to launch the initiative down under. “I was very impressed with the ROIs that Praiso’s customers are experiencing. Savings that include a 30% reduction in accident rates, 65% less speeding tickets, a 25% reduction in fuel use, lower insurance premiums, and lower CO2 emissions. The results are there for everyone to see!”

With a background in network communications, operations, product management and general management, Andrew’s international experience spans three continents working alongside well-known brands such as Coles, Fed-Ex, Optus, Samsung, Volvo & Wal-Mart.

Andrew’s clear objective is to identify demonstrable business cases for the specification of unique solution enhancement through client engagement. GeoSecure provides market-leading fleet management and cybersecurity solutions to businesses across Australia, New Zealand and the APAC region.

Based on the Sunshine Coast, Australia, GeoSecure focus on advanced technology providing innovative and disruptive solutions that help clients differentiate from competitors, reduce risk and lower operating costs. With an emphasis on building long-term, genuine partnerships, their expertise in automation and simplifying complex operational problems allows them to operate as an extension of their clients’ businesses rather than following a traditional client-vendor model.

GeoSecure’s business philosophy is to guarantee the highest quality products, absolute client satisfaction and optimum quality to price ratio delivered promptly and within budget. So, when the opportunity arose to represent Praiso in Australia, knowing the demand, benefits and superb quality of service and value for money, Andrew was happy to negotiate a deal with the business owners of Praiso.

It is easy to see why the Australian market requires this ground-braking proposition. Praiso intends to grow its operations overseas, beginning with our friends in Australia. But we’ll keep a close eye out to see where this award-winning initiative ventures to next and how companies, communities and the wider public are benefiting from its services and the use of the innovative technology for safer driving behaviours.

UK's leading driver safety software heads for Australia

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