Converge launch wireless V2 Signal Sensors to maximise physical site data collection
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Converge launch wireless V2 Signal Sensors to maximise physical site data collection

Converge launch wireless V2 Signal Sensors to maximise physical site data collection

Converge present Signal Sensor v2, an upgraded sensor with the innovative capability to measure a vast range of physical data types on the construction site, all while operating within a wireless embedded system.

Signal Sensor v2 takes Converge beyond concrete monitoring, and paves the road to their new flagship product, ConstructionDNA: an AI-based platform for optimising construction projects by integrating multiple data sources to produce ground-breaking intelligence and emergent AI insights. Converge co-founder and CEO, Raphael Scheps, says: “Signal Sensor v2 dramatically opens up the possibilities for what can be measured in construction. This is another major step into the world of digitisation, and allows Converge to drive greater efficiencies, increased safety, and sustainability across the entire construction lifecycle.”

Converge launch wireless V2 Signal Sensors to maximise physical site data collection

The chief innovation of Signal Sensor v2 is Tails, which are cabled sensors that connect to the wireless Signal device via a dedicated port. With Tails, there is the ability to attach a variety of different sensor types to the device, thus unlocking the potential to measure an endless number of new data types. This has enormous implications and applications for Converge technology.

Converge is currently building ConstructionDNA, a revolutionary new AI-based platform which contextualises live physical data to build a comprehensive picture of projects and yield actionable insights. Crucially, it is Signal v2 and Tails technology which provide access to the multiple data sources which power ConstructionDNA. Intelligence outputs from ConstructionDNA will become increasingly rich over time, as Converge expands the diversity of physical data used as inputs.

Tails will also include structural health sensors, feeding data into the StructureDNA platform (launching in Q4 2021) which forms the underpinnings of ConstructionDNA alongside LogisticsDNA (launching in Q4 2021) and ConcreteDNA, Converge’s original concrete SaaS product.

Concrete remains a key part of the picture. Signal Sensor v2 simplifies monitoring concrete pours and temperature differentials via two concrete-specialist Tails: a single-point thermal probe and a multi-point thermal probe. The latter is the world’s first fully embedded, wireless, daisy-chained thermal probe. It will facilitate full thermal integrity profiling of mass pours and other deep elements, by allowing thermal readings to be taken at multiple depths in the pour to monitor the heat generated and manage the increased risk of cracking.

In addition, Signal v2 will improve the sustainability credentials of construction projects by promoting the use of net zero-carbon materials in mass pours. Ultra-low carbon and/or cement-free concrete is typically more sensitive to heat, leading to quality issues and a higher risk of thermal cracking. ConcreteDNA, powered by Signal Sensor v2 and Thermal Tails, will provide reassurance that the performance of these materials meets standards. This makes green concrete an increasingly attractive option and allows contractors to bend  the cost curve and carbon curve at the same time.

Converge launch wireless V2 Signal Sensors to maximise physical site data collection

Other upgraded features of Signal Sensor v2 include an improved and more reliable RF range; A wider eyelet for easier attachment of multiple zip-ties or tie-wires; the addition of a non-slip pad to the curvature to minimise movement of the device once attached to rebar.

Certain integral features remain unchanged, including the iconic curved “sofa” shape which enables easy attachment to a wide range of rebar diameters. More importantly, Signal Sensor v2 retains key wireless functionality: with the Signal Live Hub, there is no need to collect data on a phone or other device. The Signal Live Hub collects the data and sends it straight to the cloud, meaning that the entire system is automatic, real-time, and wireless.

Signal Sensor v2 will open up a vast and diverse new world of data to Converge, and will pave the road to their most powerful and sophisticated technology yet, ConstructionDNA.

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