New Hampshire State Police expand use of Iteris Commercial Vehicle Operations SaaS Solutions

New Hampshire State Police expand use of Iteris Commercial Vehicle Operations SaaS Solutions

New Hampshire State Police expand use of Iteris Commercial Vehicle Operations SaaS Solutions

Iteris, the global leader in smart mobility infrastructure management, today announced a new and expanded contract with the New Hampshire Department of Safety, Division of State Police (NHSP) for Iteris’ commercial vehicle operations (CVO) software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions.

Under the terms of the multi-year SaaS contract, Iteris will extend NHSP’s use of Iteris Inspect™ for an additional five years and provide its CVIEW-Plus™ data services to support the state’s goals of obtaining compliance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) Innovative Technology Deployment (ITD) program, improving goods movement, and enhancing safety for truck drivers, law enforcement and roadside inspectors.

Iteris Inspect, powered by CVIEW-Plus data services, aggregates and automates the roadside inspection process, reducing the time to conduct commercial vehicle inspections by up to 50%. Less time roadside improves safety for both drivers and enforcement personnel. CVIEW-Plus data services further automate commercial vehicle selection processes, allowing compliant carriers to bypass weigh stations and enforcement personnel to focus on driver and carrier education aimed at reducing defects, benefitting the safety and mobility of the broader transportation network.

In addition to less time off the road for carriers and drivers, Inspect facilitates compliance with FMCSA and Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance regulations, including electronic logging.

Iteris’ suite of CVO SaaS solutions is a key component of its ClearMobility™ Platform – the world’s most complete solution to continuously monitor, visualize and optimize mobility infrastructure. ClearMobility applies cloud computing, artificial intelligence, advanced sensors, advisory services and managed services to help ensure roads are safe, travel is efficient, and communities thrive.

“The increased adoption of Iteris’ CVO SaaS solutions across the U.S. is testament to the growing demand among state transportation and law enforcement agencies for smart mobility infrastructure management technologies,” said Scott Perley, regional vice president, Applications and Cloud Solutions at Iteris. “We are pleased to announce this new and expanded contract for the Iteris Inspect and CVIEW-Plus SaaS solutions, which will increase goods movement and enhance safety for truck drivers, roadside inspectors and law enforcement, as well as improve mobility and safety throughout New Hampshire’s wider transportation network.”

Iteris is the largest provider of CVO solutions nationwide, with current deployments in 22 states as well as two electronic screening providers, serving more than half of the country.

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