Acrow supplies 12 Modular Bridges to restore critical infrastructure in Honduras

Acrow supplies 12 Modular Bridges to restore critical infrastructure in Honduras

Acrow supplies 12 Modular Bridges to restore critical infrastructure in Honduras

Acrow, a leading international bridge engineering and supply company, announced today it has supplied 12 modular steel bridges to the Government of Honduras, Inversión Estratégica de Honduras (INVEST-Honduras), to assist in the restoration of vital transportation infrastructure which was damaged or destroyed during Hurricanes Eta and Iota in November 2020.

The Category 4 storms, which hit within two weeks of each other, brought torrential rain resulting in landslides and flash flooding across large areas of Central America. Up to 35 inches of rain fell in some areas of Honduras, creating widespread damage to buildings, agricultural land and infrastructure systems, with numerous roads and bridges destroyed. As rebuilding throughout the country continues, restoring a safe and reliable transportation infrastructure is a critical need, and Acrow’s modular steel bridges will serve to reconnect communities and provide resiliency against the impacts of future climate events.

Acrow supplied 600 meters of single-lane bridging in spans of 51.82 meters. Each bridge is 4.2m wide with a factory applied anti-skid aggregate epoxy road surface. The bridges are being installed using a cantilever launch and rolling method.  Six launching assembly noses were supplied to assist with the installations. These bridges were delivered well ahead of the 90-day delivery deadline in order to support INVEST-Honduras in its efforts to expedite relief efforts for the Honduran people. Acrow has already provided on-site training and technical support during the successful assembly and installation of the first three bridges and will continue its close collaboration with INVEST-Honduras throughout the deployment of the remaining Acrow bridges.

Acrow’s modular bridges are ideal solutions for the rapid restoration of damaged or destroyed infrastructure. Shipped from a large inventory held globally and easily transported, even to difficult, remote locations, they are quickly installed by local partners using minimal equipment and operational within days or weeks.

“We are proud to partner with INVEST-Honduras in the wake of these recent devastating storms in support of impacted Hondurans,” said Acrow’s Director of Business Development Latin America and the Caribbean, Nelson Rossanda. “Acrow has a long and successful history of providing immediate, reliable solutions for disaster relief and rehabilitation across the globe, and this project builds on our legacy of support to Honduras after Hurricane Mitch in 1998.”

“Acrow is appreciative of the opportunity to assist in the efforts to alleviate the damage to critical infrastructure resulting from these natural disasters in Honduras,” said Acrow’s President – International Business, Paul Sullivan. “For over 70 years, Acrow has provided solutions to enable the rapid reconstruction of transportation lifelines, critical for immediate humanitarian relief and the reconnection of local communities, and it is a privilege to have partnered with INVEST-Honduras on this important project.”

Acrow supplies 12 Modular Bridges to restore critical infrastructure in Honduras

Post source : Acrow Corporation of America

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