CEMEX Ventures and Taronga Ventures invest in Voyage Control to ease Global Logistics
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CEMEX Ventures and Taronga Ventures invest in Voyage Control to ease Global Logistics

CEMEX Ventures and Taronga Ventures invest in Voyage Control to ease Global Logistics

CEMEX, S.A.B. de C.V., its subsidiary CEMEX Ventures and Taronga Ventures announced today their investment in Voyage Control, a UK-based start-up that offers a digital platform to help construction logistics and on-site coordination.

Supply chain disruptions are forecasted to have a substantial impact on profitability over the next decade. Voyage Control’s end-to-end solution can reduce delays, waste, and cost overruns caused by inefficiencies in the construction materials delivery process through optimized scheduling of deliveries and an overview of all transactions in real-time.

The platform also supports industry-wide CO2 reduction efforts by measuring the logistics-induced carbon emissions, from the materials’ origins to its final destination. This valuable data will allow for more environmentally conscious decision making.

Voyage Control is in use in over 200 customer sites, coordinating over 100,000 players and scheduling more than 6 million deliveries. Their customer base includes industry leaders and general contracting firms in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific. Large multinationals have become the start-up’s core customers thanks to the easy-to-scale ‘land-and-expand’ approach since its platform was launched in 2013.

“The investment from CEMEX Ventures aims to integrate Voyage Control with CEMEX’s digital assets, allowing us to provide a better and more complete service to our clients. We can now gather more insights, continue promoting operational efficiency, sustainable reporting and enhance our health & safety criteria to reduce risks,” expressed Gonzalo Galindo, Head of CEMEX Ventures.

CEMEX is a pioneer in the digitalization of the building materials industry, having launched its end-to-and digital platform, CEMEX Go, in 2017.

“The built environment contributes 39% of all global emissions, and developers are looking for digital solutions to enhance the transparency of the supply chain, especially concerning the embodied carbon within a building or building operations. Voyage Control provides this transparency across the value chain and enables data-driven decision-making to improve the sustainability of the built environment,” said Avi Naidu, Managing Partner at Taronga Ventures.

While founded in the United Kingdom, Voyage Control has operations in United States, Australia, Canada, and Singapore. The investment by CEMEX and Taronga Ventures will help further strengthen Voyage Control’s global network, expand operations in Asia, and establish its presence in the Middle East and Latin America, where there´s a strong demand for their products and services.

Voyage Control was included in the named Top 50 Contech Start-ups ranking in 2020 and declared one of the winners of the Construction Start-up Competition in the same year.

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