Komatsu releases new 17-ton PC170LC-11 Hydraulic Excavator
Photo Credit To Komatsu Ltd

Komatsu releases new 17-ton PC170LC-11 Hydraulic Excavator

Komatsu releases new 17-ton PC170LC-11 Hydraulic Excavator

The new PC170LC-11 Hydraulic Excavator is equipped with a new clean engine developed in-house that cleared the 2014 standards, and is the latest model in other classes.

Improving on conventional models, the excavator incorporates environmental friendliness, economic fuel efficiency, ICT technology, and safety.

This is a 17-ton class hydraulic excavator that achieves high performance, high functionality, low fuel consumption, and low noise, with a variable matching control of engine and hydraulic system, loss reduction of main valve / hydraulic circuit and high efficiency hydraulic pump. In addition to the efficient hydraulic oil, the engine is automatically controlled by the newly adopted fan clutch control and with the idling time set arbitrarily.

With the auto idle stop, fuel consumption  efficiency is maximizing, saving 4% compared to conventional models. In addition, maintenance information such as AdBlue® remaining level is displayed on the monitor screen to reduce daily inspection and maintenance.

Komatsu will continue to pursue “quality and reliability” to maximize corporate value and customer value. Solving ESG issues and increasing profits through creation), a safe, productive, smart and clean future site

Environmental and economic

Komatsu has developed a clean engine, that meets 2014 standards by improving 2011 regulatory compliance technology and adopting a new exhaust gas after treatment system

A standard auto idle stop automatically stops the engine at an arbitrarily set idling time – 5 to 60 minutes.

By installing a fan clutch between the engine and the fan, the fan can be rotated at low speeds when it is not needed to cool the cooling water.

Safety and operability

If the operator unintentionally releases the lock lever while operating the operation lever or pedal, a warning will be displayed on the monitor. When it is displayed the movement of the car body is locked.

With the various controls and levers on the armrests, seat adjustments can be easily made without tools.

Maintainability and maintenance

The newly installed AdBlue® tank replenishment port is equipped on the front right lift for easy access.

AdBlue® management

The AdBlue® fuel level is always displayed on the monitor screen. When it is time to replenish an AdBlue® remaining amount will be displayed to inform you.

Komatsu releases new 17-ton PC170LC-11 Hydraulic Excavator

PC170LC-11 Specifications

  • Operating mass / Airframe mass: 17,300 kg
  • Engine rated output: 4 kW / min-1 [PS / rpm] 89.9 / 2,100 [122 / 2,100]
  • Bucket capacity: 0.65 m³
  • Bucket width: 966 mm
  • Overall length (during transportation): 8,690 mm
  • Overall width: 2,495 mm
  • Overall height (during transportation): 3,110 mm
  • Rear end turning radius: 2,545 mm
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Post source : Komatsu Ltd

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