Holcomb Scientific Research unveils new Zero Emissions Energy source

Holcomb Scientific Research unveils new Zero Emissions Energy source

Holcomb Scientific Research unveils new Zero Emissions Energy source

Holcomb Scientific Research Ltd (HSR), a research and development company, has announced a scientific breakthrough in 100 percent clean energy production with the launch of the Holcomb Energy System (HES). The HES, consisting of a suite of pioneering, patented technologies, presents an entirely new source of true electric power generation capable of addressing critical global issues such as climate change, pollution, and universal access to electricity.

By harnessing previously untapped energy from the electron spin within electrical steel, the HES eliminates the need for any external source of power, such as solar, wind, or fossil fuels. The products are verified and witnessed-certified by SGS and DNV-GL, the world’s leading witness verification firms, and certified to UL and NEC (National Electric Code) standards.

HSR was co-founded and invented by Dr. Robert Holcomb MD, Ph.D., a prestigious academic and physician with decades of experience across the medical, scientific, and energy industries. A pioneer in modern invention with hundreds of patents, Dr. Holcomb said: “Conventional generators are the foundation of the modern world, yet the technology has not improved in any significant way since it was conceived nearly 200 years ago. I ask the people of our world to blaze the trail for our leaders to follow – let’s consign fossil fuels to the annals of history and bring clean energy to a world that so desperately needs it.”

The three products are completely fuel-less, release no emissions, have no moving parts, run totally silent, require virtually no maintenance, and are completely scalable anywhere electric power is needed – on or off the grid. The HES comprises the following three patent-protected technologies:

The HES In-Line Power Generator (ILPG)

The ILPG takes power in from any source – either the grid or renewables like wind and solar – and significantly magnifies power output, cutting power costs and carbon footprints up to 80%. The ILPG can be leveraged for various personal, commercial and industrial uses, including homes, apartments, factories, office buildings and along the grid.

The HES Stand-Alone Power Generation System

The HES Stand-Alone Power Generation System operates independently of any outside power source in a self-looping, self-regenerating fashion, powering itself while simultaneously powering any size electric load. This system is scalable to residential and commercial applications, transportation, consumer electronics, and along the power grid.

The HES Phase Converter

The HES Phase Converter converts single or split-phase power into three-phase power, while simultaneously magnifying power output, cutting power costs and carbon footprints up to 80%. Solid-state and tuneable without computers, rectifiers or inverters, the HES Phase Converter provides a modern, inexpensive and reliable solution to the drawbacks of current phase conversion methods.

Dr. Holcomb works alongside his Co-Founder, Ellen Holcomb, who concluded: “We are in a race against time to turn the tide on some of the most pressing environmental challenges confronting our world today – pollution, climate change, and endless wars for fossil fuels. The launch of the Holcomb Energy System is a significant step towards addressing those problems and gives us hope that there is a better future ahead. Together, we can work to save lives, save money, and most importantly, save our beautiful planet.”

This launch of the HES brings HSR out of stealth mode after 13 years of intensive research and product development. The HES is already powering two industrial facilities in the U.S. – a 12,000 square foot manufacturing building and two 2,400 square foot commercial facilities, effectively slashing power bills and carbon footprints by approximately 80%.

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