Wildfire AI Detection Pilot Program in Colorado uses N5 Sensor network

Wildfire AI Detection Pilot Program in Colorado uses N5 Sensor network

Wildfire AI Detection Pilot Program in Colorado uses N5 Sensor network

With extreme weather and drought conditions, wildfires are intensifying and expected to impact areas not typically at risk according to a recent United Nations report.

The worldwide risk of extraordinary wildfires is expected to rise from 14% by 2030 to 30% by 2050. N5 Sensors, developers of mission-ready environmental sensors, has launched a new pilot program to expand deployment of the N5SHIELD™ sensor system throughout the US and Internationally to better protect communities and businesses from the devastating impact of wildfires.

N5SHIELD is a network of ground-based IoT sensors that rapidly detects and tracks the precise location of wildfires, allowing rapid response and efficient utilization of scarce firefighting resources. Budget-friendly N5 sensor nodes are small, easy-to-install, solar and battery powered devices. Using a nano-engineered chip, the sensor nodes accurately detect fire and air quality using multi-modal sensor fusion. Like other N5 Sensors, N5SHIELD is designed to work in rugged environments and does not require cell service to provide real-time alerts.

N5 and Gilpin County Office of Emergency Management partnered on a demonstration at a live burn in February 2022. According to Nathan Whittington, GCOEM Director: “The N5 system worked flawlessly. The sensors were able to detect a flare up 36 minutes before a 911 caller, if this had been a non-contained wildfire we would have had a head start to evacuate people and get resources on scene.”

Based on this early success, the county Sheriff and Office of Emergency Management have decided to sign up for a county wide 2022 deployment to protect the largely rural county and its challenging terrain.

“Climate change and extreme weather are lengthening wildfire seasons – and putting more communities and properties at risk. In a world with these rapidly changing environmental threats, we work every day so that everyone can access the right information at the right time to stay safe,” said Abhishek Motayed, CEO of N5 Sensors.

To better protect citizens and property, Gilpin County Emergency Operations Center is deploying N5 Sensors to provide earlier detection of wildfires.
To better protect citizens and property, Gilpin County Emergency Operations Center is deploying N5 Sensors to provide earlier detection of wildfires.

Interested parties that would like to participate in the pilot program can contact N5 at their website for more information.

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