Doka expands scaffolding business in USA with AT-PAC majority stake acquisition
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Doka expands scaffolding business in USA with AT-PAC majority stake acquisition

Doka expands scaffolding business in USA with AT-PAC majority stake acquisition

Doka, a world-leading formwork, solutions and services provider for the construction sector, has strengthened its existing relationship with leading American scaffolding manufacturer AT-PAC, through acquisition of a major stake in the US-headquartered business.

Doka and AT-PAC formed an initial partnership in 2020 to deliver comprehensive global construction site solutions and has been expanding its footprint ever since. The majority stake positions Doka as a single source for formwork and scaffolding for the global construction community, as well as for industrial customers.

“AT-PAC has 25 years of experience manufacturing high-quality scaffolding and is a major player in various sectors. With AT-PAC, Doka will be able to focus on the industrial sector worldwide, as well as supporting our current customers according to the one-stop-shop principle,” says Robert Hauser, CEO of Doka. With a single request, clients now have access to a comprehensive formwork and scaffolding portfolio, consistent customer support, and expanded access to Doka services across the globe.

The ability to source comprehensive construction solutions from a single supplier serves to increase operational efficiencies and reduce project material lead times. The customized solutions support streamlined operations and simplify administrative processes. “Our customer’s needs are always at the center of our attention, and with this expanded offering we are optimizing processes and reducing interfaces to create added value for our customers.”

New growth opportunities

The majority shareholding enables Doka via AT-PAC to address entirely new customer segments in the industrial sector, where AT-PAC is already widely experienced. AT-PAC, on the other hand, gains a robust partner as Doka has an extensive global sales network and is active in over 60 countries with 160 locations.

“Together we can perfectly serve the requirements and the needs of customers in the hydropower plant, chemical and mining industries, among others,” says Hauser. “By leveraging Doka’s global network and AT-PAC’s experience, we can unlock further growth potential in industrial scaffolding and be part of the entire project lifecycle.”

Jeff Davis, CEO of AT-PAC, commenting on the majority stake says: “Today marks a prominent landmark in our already illustrious 25-year history. We have been providing innovative scaffold access products and solutions that drive positive impact on large industrial projects all over the world with great success. Doka has seen our dedication to providing the best level of service to our clients, as well as proving our in-house capabilities to develop and deploy a world-renowned DIBt-certified scaffolding system Ringlock, designed and developed from our Global HQ in Atlanta, USA. The majority shareholding only strengthens our ability to service our clients, and we are very excited about our future opportunities to prosper and continue to grow our amazing company”.

Scaffolding solutions at bauma

During the world’s largest construction trade fair bauma 2022, which will be held in Munich from October 24 to 30, Doka will be debuting its DIBt-certified scaffolding system Ringlock under the AT-PAC Doka brand.

As a result of the strategic progression, Doka will also be showing applications for industrial customers as well as for the construction industry.

The combination of the formwork and scaffolding portfolio, the scaffolding management software Hi-Vis® and other additional services and software applications, positions Doka as a one-stop-shop for the global construction industry.

Doka expands scaffolding business in USA with AT-PAC majority stake acquisition

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