Liebherr creates new company in France to provide distribution and support
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Liebherr creates new company in France to provide distribution and support

Liebherr creates new company in France to provide distribution and support

Liebherr Distribution et Services France SAS has combines theirs existing sales and service activities in France into a new company.

From its headquarters in Niederhergheim (Grand-Est region), the new company will provide distribution and services throughout the country for mobile and crawler cranes, special foundation machinery, maritime cranes, tower cranes and concrete technology.

In the regions of Paris, Marseille, Colmar and Bordeaux, Liebherr already manages the earthmoving and material handling equipment product segments. The result of the new set-up will be even more efficient and faster sales and service from a single source.

Custom-made instead of a one-size-fits-all model, that’s what Liebherr has stood for for decades. Whether mobile crane, crawler excavator or harbour crane, the customer-specific specification of products and services is a core competence of the globally active group of companies. In France, the company is now going one step further to meet the needs of its customers even better: sales and service will be merged into a new company, Liebherr Distribution et Services France SAS.

The company is structured according to product segments, the employees are specialized in their respective product group. At the same time, the sales and service experts are closely networked with Liebherr production plants. In this way, new developments flow directly into marketing, while feedback from the market can be immediately fed back to the production sites and taken into account during production.

Close to the customer

The consolidation of these activities in a separate unit now brings the business even closer to the customers. The new company creates synergies, streamlines structures and processes and accelerates response times.

In addition, the product segment-related, shared sales expertise facilitates the development and implementation of customer-specific solutions. The existing customer base will continue to be looked after by the trusted contact persons. The new company will also take over the sales and service of the earthmoving and material handling equipment product segments for the Paris, Marseille, Colmar and Bordeaux regions.

The production company Liebherr France SAS in Colmar, which has so far been responsible for these sales and services, can therefore concentrate its resources even more strongly on the development and manufacture of the high-quality crawler excavator range.

Quality Service

The focus of the new company is clearly on service: “Service is the most important component on behalf of Liebherr Distribution et Services France,” says Jean-Christophe Savoyet, Managing Director Sales. “Even the most reliable construction machine needs maintenance. It may well happen that the entire construction site operation is affected by a machine that is not fully functional. Fast and customer-oriented service is required to ensure that these machines are up and running again quickly. Professional customer service is essential for our customers.”

New set-up, proven quality

The Liebherr Group has always relied on a strong local presence with local sales and service structures in the countries in which it is active.

“This distinguishes us from certain competitors who sell machines to the market without offering these comprehensive after-sales services,” says Jean-Christophe Savoyet. Liebherr Distribution et Services France SAS is already represented in France with ten sales and service locations.

Today, a total of 470 employees take care of the needs of customers, and the staffing level is to be successively strengthened. In the country, the traditional family business stands above all for the quality, durability and efficiency of its products – in conjunction with technological progress. With its range of services, the new company supports these aspects as well as the stability and reliability of the group of companies in establishing and maintaining solid and long-term relationships with customers and partners worldwide.

Core market France: Investing in the future

Liebherr has been active in France for over 60 years. Since 1961, just under ten years after the founding of the group, the French market has been one of the company’s most important sales markets and is now to be served even more effectively.

“In terms of sales and service, we are already doing very well,” says Jean-Christophe Savoyet. “But there is still potential. We want to leverage this and optimally position ourselves for the future here on site.” Liebherr Distribution et Services France SAS was founded at the beginning of 2022. Since October 2022, the sales and service activities of all product segments have been handled by the new company.

Liebherr creates new company in France to provide distribution and support

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