Vapor Barrier System mitigates brownfield Site Contamination
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Vapor Barrier System mitigates brownfield Site Contamination

Vapor Barrier System mitigates brownfield Site Contamination

Land Science®, a division of REGENESIS® and the leading provider of contaminant vapor mitigation systems, has been granted a U.S. patent for the inventive use of reinforced geomembrane that features an encapsulated metalized layer and is installed with NitraCore™, a nitrile-modified asphalt spray coating.

This patented innovation provides 100 times more chemical resistance than other solutions and is integral to the enhanced protection built into Land Science’s popular MonoShield® and TerraShield® contaminant vapor barrier systems.

The U.S. patent recognizes Land Science’s unique and cutting-edge material design, which utilizes metalized film, a material proven to be highly effective at preventing the diffusion of contaminant gases.

The advanced composite membrane prevents corrosion of the encapsulated metalized film and provides multiple layers of protection — including a reinforced grid geomembrane and geotextile that ensure greater tensile strength and enhanced durability while minimizing the potential for punctures during installation of the contaminant vapor barrier system.

These composite membranes are scientifically proven to provide superior chemical resistance, constructability and durability compared to older asphalt latex membranes (ALMs) adapted from the waterproofing industry.

The use of the newly patented design separates Land Science contaminant vapor intrusion (VI) systems from other VI barriers on the market, especially those using heat -welded or taped seams, which represent weak points in those systems and can be compromised in an active construction environment.

“This patent represents a significant milestone for us as a team and recognizes our efforts to improve and advance the effective use of materials like metalized films to provide a safer, more protective solution to the industry,” says Vice President of Quality and Process Improvement Kristen Thoreson, Ph.D., who is a co-inventor on the patent along with principal engineer Hieu Nguyen and REGENESIS President and CEO Scott Wilson.

Wilson adds: “Our team of scientists is focused on innovation and while the use of metalized film has been around for decades, the added features incorporated into our proprietary system warrant the patent and ensure a more robust and trusted solution for the industry.”

Vapor Barrier System mitigates brownfield Site Contamination

MonoShield and TerraShield contaminant vapor barrier systems are marketed through the Land Science team of technical sales representatives based throughout North America.

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