ATLAS 180 WSR Excavator the perfect solution for narrow construction sites
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ATLAS 180 WSR Excavator the perfect solution for narrow construction sites

ATLAS 180 WSR Excavator the perfect solution for narrow construction sites

“Thanks to our ATLAS wheeled excavator 180 WSR we don’t have to deal with a lot of the problems regularly happening at spatially limited construction sites. Due to the short tail, the tilt rotator and the hydraulic quick release it doesn’t need much space and is very adaptable”, says Stefan Gockeln, owner of the Stefan Gockeln construction company in Waltrop. The short tail with a swing radius of 1,950 mm makes the ATLAS 180 WSR mobile excavator the perfect solution for narrow construction sites.

The 21 t heavy excavator is being powered by a 4.04 l Deutz engine with 115 kW (156 HP) – an EU Stage V engine including exhaust aftertreatment with a passive diesel particulate filter system. Plus, it is definitely silent: This power pack does not disturb any conversation. The astonishing calm with a sound level of 70 dB(A) in the driver’s cab and an ambience level of 97 dB(A) is an experience to remember.

Best muscles and ideal measurements

The ATLAS wheeled excavator is designed for road and civil engineering. In practice this means, that there often is not much space to work in. The rear of the ATLAS excavator does not exceed the dozer blade, even when turning. The counterweight of 4.5 t is integrated.

The small external dimensions of the ATLAS 180 WSR short tail wheeled excavator contribute to its smooth movement in road and civil engineering settings. The total length of the machine, including support dozer blade and without the boom is only 4.29 m.

Transporting the machine is no hassle, thanks to its height of 4m, a maximum width of 2.75 m and a length of 8.09 m (including the boom). It can lift up to 13 t and reach as far as 10 m.

ATLAS 180 WSR Excavator the perfect solution for narrow construction sites

Maximum agility combined with a stable foundation

The undercarriage of the 180 WSR is 2,750 mm wide and therefore a solid base for handling heavy loads. The ATLAS wheeled excavator is stable and sturdy enough to move loads of about 4 t with an overhang of 7.5 m. It can also lift and move heavier loads of 10 or even 13 t.

It really is something else to witness how rock-solid the 180 WSR stays on the ground with all four wheels and moves its loads. One reason for the stable foundation surely are the especially wide 215/70 R22.5 Caliber Power Grip 23 tires. Gockeln says: “The 180 WRS is not only quick at digging. We’re always surprised to see how effortless it transports even the heaviest construction elements.”

Equipped with a tilt rotator, bucket, pallet fork and other attachments can be pivoted 2 x 55°. The RotoBox enables endless turning in both directions, which gives the wheeled excavator highest flexibility in its deployment. Simply put: the excavator does not constantly need to find new positions to move loads or to work with bucket, grapple or hammer underneath bridges etc.

The quick release with five times rotary feedthrough makes changing tools, including hydraulic attachments, simple and quick. It is equipped with an adjustable hydraulic boom and a 2.70 m stick. The maximum reach with a standard bucket is about 10 m.

ATLAS 180 WSR Excavator the perfect solution for narrow construction sites

For road and civil engineering

The company Stefan Gockeln is at work in Datteln. On a stretch of 50 m in a residential area, the sewer system with supply and drain line as well as the street and a pedestrian walkway had to be newly built. This range of assignments is Gockelns specialty.

The company, which is in its fourth generation, and its 30 employees, are utilized to their fullest capacity due to a positive order situation. The ATLAS wheeled excavator (plus another ATLAS 175 WSR) is an indispensable technical assistance in this situation.

ATLAS 180 WSR Excavator the perfect solution for narrow construction sites

The valuable support – Tecklenborg

In order to have the right excavator and for it to be continuously in action, a reliable dealer is the key. The Gockeln company is supported by ATLAS dealer Tecklenborg with headquarters in Werne. Tecklenborg has five branch offices in the area between Osnabrück and Siegen.

This is where they have construction machinery, industrial trucks and truck bodies – new as well as used – on offer. Naturally, competent service and repair are part of their range. Very important is the individual consulting of the customer, before decisions are made. It is the foundation for having the optimal machinery deployment for each specific task. Tecklenborg has 60 years of experience in customer consulting and always the right employees on site.

“To choose exactly this 21 t ATLAS excavator with the mentioned attachments has been the absolute right decision”, Gockeln sums up.

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