Bio Bitumen promises Sustainable Asphalt Manufacturing

Bio Bitumen promises Sustainable Asphalt Manufacturing

Bio Bitumen promises Sustainable Asphalt Manufacturing

QM Recycled Energy has been appointed the exclusive UK distributor of German company B2 Square’s Bio Bitumen. This is a completely new method of manufacturing asphalt – a safer, more energy efficient and CO2 negative process.

This asphalt is 95% composed of stones, sand and filler with a 5% input of bio bitumen, a synthetic binding agent that is CO2 negative. All constituent materials are cold right up to the asphalt mixing plant. No hot bitumen is present during the entire production process.

As no heating of stored bitumen is needed the process is highly energy efficient with lower CO2 emissions and a greatly reduced risk of accidents – 90% of accidents within the bitumen process occur across transport, logistics and handling activities.

This complete rethink of how to create bitumen -a decentralised production method with instant construction and associated logistics and with two cold elements – the powder and the liquid – means bio bitumen can be utilised by every country in the world.

QMRE-B2 Square’s use of natural, sustainable components means the process is CO2 negative.

Bio bitumen is available in a full range of different viscosity grades, PG grades and various UTI’s with grades and volumes made to measure. Consistent properties at both high and low temperatures are present owing to unique chemistry.

Bio bitumen is ideal for high RAP addition rates. No need for rejuvenators and/or adhesion promoters anymore.

In addition, QMRE-B2 Square offers a choice of environmentally friendly options for polymer addition and fluxed bitumen.

Post source : QM Recycled Energy

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