Radisys ReachPoint delivers Indoor Navigation and Geo-Location

Radisys ReachPoint delivers Indoor Navigation and Geo-Location

Radisys ReachPoint delivers Indoor Navigation and Geo-Location

Radisys® Corporation, a global leader of open telecom solutions, today announced the availability of Radisys ReachPoint, a smart network-based geolocation platform that allows Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) to deliver real-time geolocation service capable of reaching places where GPS may not be available, such as inside tall buildings.

The solution enables Enterprises to get the location of any connected device without relying on GPS, using geospatial data from cell towers and Wi-Fi nodes. Radisys will be demonstrating new ways of monetizing location-based services using ReachPoint Geolocation service at Mobile World Congress Barcelona.

Indoor navigation within large buildings like airports, concert venues, hospitals, shopping malls and office buildings has been an ongoing challenge within the industry. While many GPS services can help with navigation outdoors, they are often limited indoors where the signal can be blocked due to a building’s physical structure.

ReachPoint extends indoor navigation capability to places not served by GPS. ReachPoint’s Bluetooth low energy (BLE) beacon-based technology provides a faster, more accurate indoor navigation tool that can be delivered as a standalone application or embedded as a software development kit (SDK) in existing applications. Radisys’ ReachPoint provides a simple mechanism for mobile network operators (MNOs) to monetize their networks in new ways by offering geolocation services for enterprises. Radisys ReachPoint technology has proven savings of up to 25% for Enterprises by optimizing operations through asset tracking and indoor navigation.

ReachPoint Navigation application creates a digital map of the building or space, enabling users to find their place of interest via voice guidance and reach their desired location using the shortest path. Building owners or event organizers can gain value-added insights such as heat maps of visitors, or rank and identify the most visited places to pinpoint new sales kiosks or information booth locations.

Additionally, businesses can customize services based on user location, as well as monetize the data insights as a service for building tenants or other vendors. ReachPoint also provides enhanced security monitoring such as breach or trespassing alerts for certain areas to provide businesses with peace of mind.

“Enterprises want mobile applications to report their physical location for multiple reasons such as fraud prevention, services customization, ensuring compliance with local laws and for IoT use cases,” said Natasha Tamaskar, Head of Digital Endpoints Business and Global Marketing, Radisys. “Using Radisys ReachPoint, MNOs have additional opportunities to monetize their mobile networks by creating location insights for enterprises that also help those businesses find additional revenue-generating opportunities.”

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Experience ReachPoint Live at MWC Barcelona

To see the ReachPoint demonstrations and learn more about Radisys’ Reach portfolio or to meet with Radisys’ open telecom experts at MWC Barcelona 2023, visit Stand 5B81

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