Eptura Worktech Platform unifies Workplaces and Building Asset Management
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Eptura Worktech Platform unifies Workplaces and Building Asset Management

Eptura Worktech Platform unifies Workplaces and Building Asset Management

Eptura, the global worktech leader, today announced the launch of its unified worktech platform, which includes Eptura Asset and Eptura Workplace. The Eptura experience is the first offering in the market that connects workplace and physical asset management capabilities in a single solution.

Buildings need more attention now than ever before as the shift to flexible working has made it increasingly difficult for businesses to operate their spaces and maintain assets effectively. This requires facility management and workplace experience teams to work together and share data to ensure that office space is available and functioning smoothly to meet the needs of their workforce.

Eptura is designed to bridge the gaps between traditionally siloed systems, connecting people with their workplace while providing building owners and operators with tools to organize and manage their commercial real estate and physical assets. The new platform experience enables customers to operationalize workplace plans that fit their needs, including hybrid work, office-first, flex models, and more. It also allows technicians to quickly locate assets within large facilities or multi-building campuses and ensure they are properly maintained to avoid downtime and business disruption.

As business leaders seek more comprehensive solutions to determine the right real estate capacity for their in-office teams and look for ways to control asset and portfolio costs, they are moving away from point solutions and seeking more connected, scalable ways to achieve their goals. With this launch, Eptura provides organizations with more advanced visibility into workspace usage and equipment performance so they can make critical decisions about their short- and long-term needs.

“Companies of all sizes have been forced to dedicate resources to five, 10, or even 15 different workplace and facility management tools. With reduced budgets and fewer resources, organizations need to shift toward unified platforms that replace individual solutions,” said Brandon Holden, CEO of Eptura. “By combining the powerful capabilities of Eptura Workplace and Eptura Asset, we’re enabling employees to better focus on their jobs and helping businesses get the most out of their workplaces.”

Eptura Worktech Platform unifies Workplaces and Building Asset Management

This launch marks the first product offering under Eptura, which was formed last October. With the unification of Eptura Workplace and Eptura Asset, businesses gain more efficient resource allocation and process management. The Eptura experience offers advanced functionality, including:

  • Asset management
  • Facility management
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Space planning
  • Visitor management
  • Workplace experience

“Verdantix research shows customers struggle with data silos and disparate point-solutions, so the launch of the Eptura experience—which brings together space, workplace, facilities and asset management functionality—is likely to be well received by the market,” said Joy Trinquet, Industry Analyst, Smart Buildings at Verdantix.

Eptura Worktech Platform unifies Workplaces and Building Asset Management

The new platform benefits businesses and employees by providing:

  • Shared floor plans and workplace data across facilities teams to ensure that everyone is working from the same information.
  • Desktop and mobile applications for employees to reserve desks or conference rooms and request service to make office visits stress free.
  • Space planning and move management tools so companies can proactively reduce or expand their real estate footprint based on the needs of their in-office workforce.
  • Preventive maintenance scheduling for commercial assets and their parts, from industrial equipment like building HVAC to everyday office tools like chairs and monitors.
  • Improved building security with advanced visitor registration and digital logbooks.
  • Secure records of important building, visitor, and maintenance data to comply with company or local laws and regulations.
  • The ability to realize sustainability goals by understanding usage patterns to better manage energy and resources.
  • A more complete picture of business performance through integrations across related business hardware and software, such as:
    • Building design solutions from Autodesk (AutoCAD, Revit)
    • Collaboration tools including Microsoft, Google, Slack, and Zoom
    • Physical and digital access control systems
    • Sensors and digital display panels
    • HR platforms

“With more than 40 years of software industry leadership experience, we brought together engineering experts from leading worktech products to form Eptura five months ago with the goal of delivering integrated software solutions to the market at a rapid pace,” Holden added. “I am thrilled that we are delivering on that commitment to help organizations maximize the return on their commercial real estate and asset investments while lowering barriers to productivity, accessibility, and engagement in the workplace.”

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