HEAVY.AI launches HEAVY 7.0 with Machine Learning capabilities

HEAVY.AI launches HEAVY 7.0 with Machine Learning capabilities

HEAVY.AI launches HEAVY 7.0 with Machine Learning capabilities

HEAVY.AI, an innovator in advanced analytics, today announced general availability of HEAVY 7.0.

The new product adds innovative machine learning capabilities, enabling telcos and utilities to perform in-database predictive modelling and simulate any scenario to uncover key insights. HEAVY 7.0 also incorporates a streamlined Heavy Immerse experience and enhanced support for HeavyRF’s operational configuration.

“For telcos and utilities, delivering the best service to their customers means constantly analyzing, investigating and learning from the immense amounts and vast sources of data available to them. But analyzing complex geospatial data combined with customer and radiofrequency data, is a cumbersome and error-prone process,” said Jon Kondo, CEO, HEAVY.AI. “HEAVY 7.0 provides tools and features that make it fast and easy for these organizations to analyze any type of data and uncover insights that are critical for their business.”

Introduction of machine learning capabilities via predictive modeling in-database

An industry first, HEAVY 7.0 introduces predictive analytics directly in-database as a public beta feature. Implemented as SQL enhancements, rendered fast on GPUs, and deployable in dashboards, this capability puts machine learning power into the hands of a wide variety of users.

With this addition, domain experts and other end users not intimately familiar with modelling can leverage predictive analytics on large datasets.

Enhanced support for HeavyRF operational configuration

HEAVY 7.0 features a new site editor for graphical specification of network hardware and its configuration under various, complex operating scenarios, such as standard, rush hour, reduced power or maintenance modes and seasonal or monthly variation in vegetation optical thickness – a critical capability for midband 5G and lower frequencies. As a result, telcos can develop and test various software optimized network (SON) scenarios safely and with full visibility to potential customer experience impacts.

HeavyRF has also gained improved workflows for establishing and monitoring business targets involving large numbers of buildings. HeavyRF has always provided a continuously updated view of relevant business metrics. Now it can target thousands of buildings at once using arbitrary and extensible building tagging.

The addition of no code joins in Heavy Immerse

Heavy Immerse has long offered users the ability to rapidly map and cross filter enormous datasets interactively. In HEAVY 7.0, these capabilities become significantly more flexible with the addition of no code join capabilities for large databases.

While joins have always been possible with SQL in Heavy Immerse, the new product greatly facilitates and expedites this process with a new graphical user interface, as well as system protection against high impact operations. With HEAVY 7.0, it is no longer necessary to pre-create joins, which can instead be created only as needed and then persisted into dashboards. This saves significant memory.

A major California utility is using the new joint capabilities to downscale huge weather models, measuring weather’s impact on specific assets as well as their effect on customers.

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