Engineers Without Borders partners with Bentley Systems

Engineers Without Borders partners with Bentley Systems

Engineers Without Borders partners with Bentley Systems

Engineers Without Borders International today announced a strategic partnership with infrastructure engineering software company, Bentley Systems.

This momentous partnership will help support the organization’s mission of bringing together the global Engineers Without Borders movement so that millions more people can benefit from work addressing today’s most pressing challenges and accelerating progress for a sustainable and equitable future for all.

Today, Engineers Without Borders is a network of organizations sharing the same name. This new partnership between Bentley Systems and Engineers Without Borders International aims to unite Engineers Without Borders organizations as a global force for good, providing the engineering leadership needed to tackle the global challenges humanity faces at a scale that is meaningful before it is too late.

The partnership, which includes five years of core funding and executive insights, fundamentally strengthens the capacity of Engineers Without Borders International to drive more collaboration and cooperation within the movement, deliver better results and unlock its global impact.

Why now? Humanity is facing significant global challenges. The climate crisis poses the greatest threat to life that we have ever faced, and millions of people still lack access to clean drinking water, improved sanitation facilities, nutritious food, safe housing, and reliable energy. It has never been more important to fulfill the Engineers Without Borders mission: Uniting the engineering sector to help build a world where everyone and the planet can thrive.

Engineers Without Borders organizations across the globe are already working to deliver this vision: Changing lives daily by delivering critical infrastructure to communities in need and people in crisis, and reimagining the future by nurturing new engineering solutions and building a compassionate and eager engineering community. The key potential this partnership unlocks is efficiency and scale.

Dan Koval, Corporate Initiatives Manager at Bentley Systems, said: “I’m so excited by the united vision of the Engineers Without Borders movement. I really believe that this is a pivotal moment to be supporting that coordination to happen and I’m proud that Bentley Systems is the first partner to make that investment. I’m looking forward to working with the team and advancing infrastructure together.”

Boris Martin, President of Engineers Without Borders International, said: “It means a lot to have such a partnership in place with Bentley Systems. The company has strong ESG credentials and that matters to us. We carefully choose our partners, and Bentley Systems promotes the same values and principles that we do – putting people and the planet first in our engineering and striving for a better world for everyone.”

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