SOCOTEC partners with Scottish Thermal Power Station
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SOCOTEC partners with Scottish Thermal Power Station

SOCOTEC partners with Scottish Thermal Power Station

In a significant move towards addressing regulatory compliance and environmental obligations, SOCOTEC Consultancy (Scotland) has entered into a strategic partnership with a thermal power station situated in North East Scotland. The collaboration aims to establish a robust framework for managing soil and groundwater conditions, primarily through the creation of a comprehensive Soil and Groundwater Management Plan (SGWMP).

The cornerstone of this initiative is the meticulous identification of Relevant Hazardous Substances (RHS) employed within the Part A installation, followed by a thorough assessment of their potential impact on the underlying soil and groundwater conditions. The formulation of the SGWMP signifies a pivotal step in aligning the power station’s operations with stringent regulatory standards and environmental safeguarding.

Central to SOCOTEC’s involvement in this ambitious endeavor were a series of critical stages, each contributing to the comprehensive management plan:

  • Strategized Investigation Plan: SOCOTEC’s experts embarked on the design of a meticulous soil and groundwater investigation plan, meticulously crafted to address the intricate demands of the power station’s operational landscape. This plan spanned a seven-week duration and was characterized by its holistic approach to data collection.
  • Precise Well Design and Drilling: Overseeing drilling operations was an integral aspect of SOCOTEC’s involvement. Twenty state-of-the-art soil and bedrock groundwater monitoring wells were ingeniously designed and implemented to capture a multifaceted representation of groundwater response zones.
  • In-situ Data Collection and Analysis: An array of in-situ data was meticulously collected, encompassing vital parameters such as pH, electrical conductivity, temperature, total dissolved solids, and redox potential. This comprehensive dataset played a fundamental role in gauging the health of the groundwater system.
  • Extensive Chemical Analysis: Collected soil and groundwater samples embarked on a journey to SOCOTEC’s UKAS accredited laboratories, where they underwent rigorous chemical analysis. The assessment spanned a wide spectrum of RHS, as outlined in the SGWMP, further reaffirming the organization’s dedication to meticulous compliance.

The culmination of these stages resulted in a comprehensive Site Condition Report (SCR), a robust document essential for the power station’s adherence to its Pollution Prevention and Control (PPC) permit and broader environmental stewardship. The SCR, a product of exhaustive investigation and analysis, not only fulfilled regulatory prerequisites but also provided a foundation for potential infrastructure development on the site.

Rotary drilling techniques, including bedrock coring, played an instrumental role in advancing holes to varying depths, thereby enriching the understanding of the site’s geology. Subsequent installation of groundwater monitoring wells marked a proactive measure to intercept groundwater response zones, allowing for purging and in-situ parameter testing.

The chemical analysis of collected samples at SOCOTEC’s accredited laboratories was a cornerstone of this investigative journey. The data derived from this analysis was meticulously evaluated to unveil insights into the condition of on-site soil and groundwater, paving the way for informed decisions regarding mitigation strategies.

SOCOTEC Consultancy (Scotland) played an instrumental role in orchestrating the formulation of a comprehensive SGWMP, executing a multifaceted hydrogeological investigation, and ultimately preparing the SCR for submission to the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA). The study served as expert guidance, pivotal data, and adherence to regulatory benchmarks, while also positioning the power station favourably for potential future development endeavours.

In a broader context, this investigation has the potential to contribute significantly to the UK’s Carbon Capture Strategy, reinforcing SOCOTEC’s commitment to fostering sustainable and environmentally conscious initiatives. The collaborative efforts between SOCOTEC Consultancy and the thermal power station underscore a profound dedication to shaping a greener and more responsible industrial landscape.

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