IKEUCHI Spray Nozzles designed for superior Dust Control Solutions
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IKEUCHI Spray Nozzles designed for superior Dust Control Solutions

IKEUCHI Spray Nozzles designed for superior Dust Control Solutions

H. IKEUCHI & CO., LTD., a leading spray nozzle manufacturer headquartered in Japan, is actively promoting their cost-effective and high-efficiency dust suppression and dust control solutions worldwide.

Employing spray nozzles tailor-designed for the specific needs of coal storage yards in power plants, mining sites, worksites within steel mills, and other industrial facilities, these systems spray a fine fog over extensive areas, effectively capturing and suppressing dust particles.

They can also spray the fog directly towards dust-generating spots to prevent dust from rising up in the air, thus preventing dust dispersion and improving worksite environments through air purification.

In recent years, there has been a significant focus on addressing dust-related issues in energy-related and other industrial facilities. One common approach involves installing electrostatic precipitators, but this often necessitates substantial investments due to the large scale of the targeted sites. On the other hand, water sprinkling can lead to worksite contamination and environmental issues arising from wastewater discharge. Moreover, in steel mills, there is the additional concern of steam explosions resulting from water contact with high-temperature zones.

Taking a different approach, IKEUCHI has developed two types of systems to offer more effective and less costly dust control solutions. One is a “soft fog system” that sprays fine and soft fog to capture airborne dust particles and suppress them down by gravity.

The second is a “high-velocity fog system” that sprays a large volume of fine fog at high velocity to suppress dust from rising up and dispersing. Both systems are relatively easy to install, requiring a customer to supply only compressed air and water.

Before proposing a system, a sales representative will conduct on-site evaluations and will collaborate with the customer to ensures they design the most suitable dust control system for each specific site.

Leveraging their global network and the proven success, achieved in numerous countries, IKEUCHI is committed to assisting in addressing environmental challenges in each country region through the application of these systems.

IKEUCHI Spray Nozzles designed for superior Dust Control Solutions

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