Revolutionising Roadway Intelligence with Kistler and REKOR

Revolutionising Roadway Intelligence with Kistler and REKOR

Revolutionising Roadway Intelligence with Kistler and REKOR

Kistler Instrument Corporation, the innovator and leading provider of Quartz Weigh-In-Motion (WIM) sensors and related electronics, is excited to announce a new partnership with Rekor Systems, Inc., a pioneer in the field of AI-driven roadway intelligence and mobility data solutions. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the advancement of digital-enabled roadway management.

Kistler’s Quartz WIM sensors have long been at the forefront of data collection for traffic management and safety applications. Following Kistler’s invention of the technology 25 years ago, over 70,000 Kistler Quartz WIM sensors are now installed around the world, including many installations throughout the U.S. Now, in conjunction with Rekor’s cutting-edge AI-powered systems, these two industry leaders are poised to transform the world of roadway intelligence.

Rekor’s innovative AI-driven solutions are renowned for their ability to collect, connect, and organize mobility data, creating the foundation for a digital-enabled operating system for roadways. This partnership opens up a host of new possibilities, including virtual and direct enforcement of WIM sites. Kistler Quartz WIM sensors and Rekor’s suite of AI technologies were combined this year to create the nation’s first Direct Enforcement WIM site, at the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway in New York City.

With the proposed Amendment to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Handbook 44, states can more easily pass similar legislation to allow WIM data for Direct Enforcement, which will require each WIM site to have a high level of accuracy, durability, reliability, and scalability – exactly the characteristics Kistler and Rekor technologies bring.

The synergy between Kistler and Rekor brings together expertise in sensor technology and AI-based data processing, allowing for real-time monitoring and enforcement of WIM sites, ensuring the safety and efficiency of roadways like never before. The partnership between Kistler and Rekor is set to enhance the collection, analysis, and enforcement of mobility data, further promoting the adoption of intelligent, data-driven solutions for roadway management.

“This collaboration represents a game-changing advancement in the realm of roadway management,” said JT Kirkpatrick, Kistler President and North America Sales Manager for Kistler Traffic Solutions. “By integrating Kistler’s Quartz WIM sensors with Rekor’s AI capabilities, we are pioneering the future of safety for transportation and traffic management, making our roadways and bridges smarter and safer.”

“As a leading provider of AI-based roadway intelligence, Rekor is honored and thrilled to join forces with an industry leader like Kistler. Our combined expertise ushers in a new era in roadway intelligence and digital transformation for roadways”, said David Desharnais, Rekor President and COO. “With Kistler’s advanced WIM sensors coupled with Rekor’s expertise in AI and Edge-based solutions for transportation and traffic management, we’re not just enhancing the way we manage our roadways – we’re redefining the standards for safety, efficiency, and innovation.”

Revolutionising Roadway Intelligence with Kistler and REKOR

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