Durabook Mobile Rugged PC’s now include Windows 11 Secured-core
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Durabook Mobile Rugged PC’s now include Windows 11 Secured-core

Durabook Mobile Rugged PC’s now include Windows 11 Secured-core

In collaboration with Microsoft, Durabook today announced the availability of Windows 11 Secured-core PCs for its mobile rugged computing portfolio. The Durabook S15 Rugged Laptop and U11 Rugged Tablet with advanced Windows 11 security are immediately available to protect sensitive data for professionals on the move.

Mobile, Rugged, Secure for a Perilous World

Executives, military officers, and other professionals who work in potentially hazardous environments are often responsible for highly sensitive data such as financial information, classified intelligence, and intellectual property. They are also often on the road where their computing devices are exposed to abundant cybersecurity threats, including malware and firmware attacks.

These attacks are in addition to the physical perils such as being dropped, exposed to dust and potentially combustible fine particulate in the air, extreme temperatures, high humidity and water intrusion.

The new Durabook secured-core PC ready models the S15 Rugged Laptop and U11 Rugged Tablet are built with Windows 11 technology to provide an extra layer of protection. By integrating hardware, firmware, software, and identity protection, these secured-core computing devices deliver the highest level of protection against highly advanced threats, including advanced protection of firmware and dynamic root of trust measurement.

The benefits of the S15 Rugged Laptop and U11 Rugged Tablet don’t just stop there, as both models are MIL-STD-810H certified to withstand the effects of harsh environmental conditions. In addition, the Durabook U11 sports Coolfinity™ fanless cooling for the ultimate in quiet functionality. The secured-core architecture rounds out the powerful CPU performance and broad functionality of the S15 Rugged Laptop, which is designed as a perfect partner for mobile professionals running sophisticated applications in challenging conditions.

“When engineering rugged computing devices for the professionals who move through a world where hazards and threats are continually evolving, Durabook always seeks to protect its exceptional operational and performance capabilities with the most robust security,” said Sasha Wang, President, Durabook Americas. “Our mandate is to always extend our answer to the call for resilience throughout every aspect of the Durabook product portfolio.”

Durabook Mobile Rugged PC's now include Windows 11 Secured-core

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