AXIAN Group Champions Sustainability and Leadership in Africa

AXIAN Group Champions Sustainability and Leadership in Africa

AXIAN Group Champions Sustainability and Leadership in Africa

AXIAN Group, a prominent pan-African conglomerate operating across five sectors, including energy and telecommunications, has intensified its commitment to fostering positive impact in Africa.

The company has taken on a significant leadership role by joining the Vice-Presidency of the Indian Ocean Regional Network of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) and participating in the Advisory Council of the Africa Business Leaders Coalition (ABLC). These moves underscore AXIAN’s dedication to sustainable development and inclusive growth across the continent.

AXIAN’s Strategic Role in UNGC’s Indian Ocean Network

In a decisive step towards bolstering sustainability efforts, AXIAN Group, represented by Amélie Yan-Gouiffes, the Group’s Director of Impact & Sustainability, has been elected to the Vice-Presidency of the UNGC’s Indian Ocean Regional Network.

This appointment highlights AXIAN’s unwavering commitment to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), focusing on the key pillars of Population, Planet, and Prosperity (3Ps).

Strengthening Regional Networks

During its one-year mandate, AXIAN aims to fortify the regional network and diversify its membership, particularly in underrepresented areas such as Madagascar, the Comoros, and Seychelles.

The African continent faces urgent environmental, human, and economic challenges, with the region warming at a rate of 1.4°C compared to the global average of 1.1°C. Despite contributing less than 4% to global emissions, Africa bears a disproportionate burden of climate change impacts. AXIAN’s strategic position in the Indian Ocean, coupled with its pan-African perspective, is poised to drive significant progress in addressing these challenges.

Key Objectives for AXIAN’s Mandate:

  • Enhance regional collaboration and membership diversity.
  • Promote inclusive energy, financial, and digital solutions.
  • Foster public, private, and NGO partnerships to develop a green, equitable growth model.

AXIAN’s Pan-African Footprint

With operations in 15 African countries and headquarters in Madagascar, AXIAN is strategically positioned to elevate the Indian Ocean region while contributing valuable insights and experiences to international platforms. This cross-network collaboration within the UNGC framework is set to amplify the positive impact of Africa’s private sector on the 3Ps.

The Indian Ocean Network, one of ten UNGC networks in Africa, currently comprises 49 member companies, with a significant presence in Mauritius, Madagascar, and Seychelles. AXIAN, a founding member since 2020, continues to demonstrate its leadership and commitment to positive impact and sustainability.

Hassanein Hiridjee’s Role in the ABLC Advisory Council

Hassanein Hiridjee, CEO of AXIAN Group, has joined the Advisory Council of the Africa Business Leaders Coalition (ABLC), an initiative aligned with the UNGC’s strategy for Africa.

This coalition, comprising 15 business leaders, aims to shape strategic objectives and operational plans with support from the UNGC and Boston Consulting Group.

Leading Africa’s Private Sector Voice

Launched to serve as the unified voice of Africa’s private sector, the ABLC addresses the continent’s critical challenges and drives global progress. Hiridjee’s active participation since the coalition’s inception in 2022 has been instrumental in promoting tangible impacts across Africa. His three-year term on the Advisory Council focuses on strengthening the coalition and advancing key initiatives, particularly in combating climate change and promoting gender equality.

Hiridjee’s commitment is evident in his own words: “At AXIAN, we firmly believe that Sustainability and Business are intrinsically linked, and we’ve embedded positive impact at the core of our business model. Our engagement with the UNGC, the UN agency dedicated to the private sector, is a natural extension of this belief. I’m thrilled to join the ABLC Advisory Council and to see Amélie Yan-Gouiffes representing AXIAN as Vice-President of the UNGC Indian Ocean Board. Our mission is to respond to the UN Secretary-General’s call for a ‘rescue plan for the SDGs’ through concrete actions and results. Let’s work together to promote the Ten Principles of the UNGC in the region and across Africa to accelerate and achieve sustainable development goals.”

Driving Impact Through Collaborative Efforts

AXIAN’s dual role in both the UNGC Indian Ocean Regional Network and the ABLC Advisory Council exemplifies its holistic approach to sustainability. By leveraging its extensive network and industry expertise, AXIAN is set to drive significant positive change.

A Model for Sustainable Growth in Africa

AXIAN Group’s proactive engagement in high-impact sustainability and leadership initiatives underscores its commitment to a better future for Africa. Through strategic positions in influential networks, AXIAN is not only contributing to the continent’s socio-economic development but also setting a benchmark for other corporations to follow.

As Africa navigates its unique set of challenges, the role of committed and visionary business leaders like those at AXIAN becomes ever more critical. Their efforts in fostering inclusive growth, advocating for climate action, and promoting gender equality are pivotal in steering the continent towards a sustainable and prosperous future.

AXIAN Group Champions Sustainability and Leadership in Africa

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