OilQuick announces new Tiltrotor Grapple Modules
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OilQuick announces new Tiltrotor Grapple Modules

OilQuick announces new Tiltrotor Grapple Modules

OilQuick has developed a completely new grapple module for its tiltrotators. The module will be available in 4 different sizes. The first one out is the GM950, which meets all high demands and it also has features that its competitors lack.

The biggest news is OQ Sync. An OilQuick-exclusive solution for faster and more precise control of the grapple jaws. With OQ Sync, the grapple jaws move smoothly and synchronized in all positions and speeds.

A traditional system depends on the load and speed of the grapple jaws. If one jaw encounters resistance, the other jaw wants to move at a higher speed, causing them to become out of phase in the gripping motion.

With OQ Sync, automatic equalization of the jaws occurs every time the grapple jaws are fully closed. This completely eliminates the risk of the jaws becoming out of sync, for example, in case of uneven loading or when slow closingthe jaws. OQ Sync ensures that the grapple jaws always meet tip-to-tip and that all lifts occur centered in the grapple.

With extended grip width and depth, large road pipes and culverts and similar objects are now handled without any problems. But even small objects are now handled better. Down to a diameter of 12 mm can be handled because the grapple jaws close tightly in the closed position.

OilQuick announces new Tiltrotor Grapple Modules

The 3-finger grapple jaws are made of high-strength cast steel. The edges are rounded so as not to damage sensitive objects such as cables, etc.

The hydraulic cylinders are protected in fixed brackets. No loose parts that risk breaking or coming loose.

Protected grapple tips. When the grapple is fully closed, the claw tips are placed inside the edge of the module’s frame. Nothing protrudes and risks getting stuck in the surroundings.

The first model GM950 fits OilQuick’s OQ70 and OQ65 quick couplers and can therefore be applied to several of OilQuick’s tiltrotators (E19, E26, E33). More models will be released throughout this and next year for other quick couplers and tiltrotators.

OilQuick announces new Tiltrotor Grapple Modules

Grapple Module GM950 Specifications

  • Dimensions: A – 975 mm / B  – 510 mm / C – 870 mm
  • Weight: 187 kg
  • Gripping force tip-tip: 20 kN
  • Gripping force max. open: 11 kN
  • Max. lifting capacity: 2000 kg
  • Max. hydraulic pressure: 25 Mpa
  • Quick Coupler: OQ70 and OQ65

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