Volvo CE unveils Ground-breaking Innovations at Volvo Days 2024

Volvo CE unveils Ground-breaking Innovations at Volvo Days 2024

Volvo CE unveils Ground-breaking Innovations at Volvo Days 2024


Volvo Days 2024, held in the scenic town of Eskilstuna, Sweden, was nothing short of a spectacle. Volvo Construction Equipment (CE) seized this opportunity to showcase its ambitious vision for the future, cementing its position as a leader in sustainable and productive construction solutions.

This year’s event was particularly momentous, marking the first major showcase since Eskilstuna was declared the company’s new corporate headquarters in August last year. Let’s delve into the revolutionary launches and initiatives that promise to transform the construction landscape.

Volvo CE unveils Ground-breaking Innovations at Volvo Days 2024

A New Era of Excavators: Technological Marvels

Volvo CE has always been at the forefront of innovation, and this year, the spotlight was on its cutting-edge range of excavators. The unveiling of the Volvo EC500, EC400, and EC230 models set the tone for what’s to come. These machines, also including the EC210 and ECR145, are not just about brute force; they are equipped with advanced electro-hydraulic systems and an improved human-machine interface (HMI). This intelligent technology promises enhanced fuel efficiency, productivity, safety, and a lower total cost of ownership.

Melker Jernberg, Head of Volvo CE, encapsulated the company’s vision succinctly: “The construction industry is changing and we at Volvo CE do not want to just take part in the change, we want to lead it. Volvo Days 2024 is a landmark event where we unveil our most ambitious and biggest product line-up of both conventional and electric products we have ever done.”

Volvo CE unveils Ground-breaking Innovations at Volvo Days 2024

Electrifying the Future: Expanding Electric Solutions

Volvo CE’s commitment to sustainability is unwavering, as demonstrated by its robust line-up of electric machines. The introduction of the EWR150 Electric, Volvo’s first electric wheeled excavator, alongside the L90 Electric and L120 Electric wheel loaders, marks a significant leap towards fossil-fuel-free construction. These innovations, set for phased introductions from late 2024, are designed to cater to the mid-size segment, a critical area for many construction projects.

Carl Slotte, Head of Sales Region Europe, highlighted the significance of these advancements: “Volvo Days demonstrates how far we have come on our electromobility journey, from our first commercial launch in 2019 through to the broad line-up of electric machines and charging solutions we present today, amplified by our range of smart digital tools. The steps we are taking into the electrification of medium and heavy segment machines paves the way for more customers to decarbonize their operations and seize new business opportunities as societies worldwide transition to a low-carbon future.”

Volvo CE unveils Ground-breaking Innovations at Volvo Days 2024

Comprehensive Charging Solutions

No electric ecosystem is complete without efficient charging solutions, and Volvo CE is well aware of this. At Volvo Days 2024, the company unveiled the PU40 mobile power unit for compact equipment, a perfect complement to the existing PU500 mobile power unit.

These units are designed to ensure that electric machines remain operational and efficient, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. Additionally, the new My Equipment digital app promises to streamline the charging process, offering customers a seamless experience in managing their equipment.

Volvo CE unveils Ground-breaking Innovations at Volvo Days 2024

Collaborative Efforts for Holistic Solutions

Volvo CE’s vision extends beyond mere machinery. The company is shifting from isolated products and services to comprehensive solutions tailored to meet customer needs across various stages of their decarbonisation journey. This holistic approach aims to address the diverse requirements of different construction segments, from Building and Utilities to Quarries and Aggregates.

Joakim Arndorw, Head of Sales Region International, emphasized the importance of this approach: “These new ranges, alongside our electric solutions, prove that Volvo CE is well-equipped to respond to the different needs of our customers in both regulated and less regulated markets, leveraging our strength to implement meaningful innovation across all our offerings as we move closer towards our ambition for net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040.”

Volvo CE unveils Ground-breaking Innovations at Volvo Days 2024

Looking Ahead: Innovations on the Horizon

Volvo Days 2024 also provided a sneak peek into future innovations. The all-new A40, set to launch later this year, continues Volvo CE’s legacy of pioneering articulated haulers. Additionally, the introduction of the R60 and R70 rigid haulers expands the company’s hauling options, catering to a broader range of customer needs.

In line with its sustainability goals, Volvo CE ensures that these new machines can be powered by renewable HVO100 (hydrogenated vegetable oil), which significantly reduces carbon emissions compared to traditional diesel.

Volvo CE unveils Ground-breaking Innovations at Volvo Days 2024

Strengthening Industry Ties

Volvo Days 2024 was not just about showcasing new products; it was also about reinforcing industry collaborations. Volvo Financial Services, for instance, was on hand to demonstrate customized financial solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of Volvo CE’s diverse customer base.

Furthermore, Volvo Trucks joined the event, showcasing its impressive electric portfolio and underscoring the group’s collective commitment to sustainability and innovation.

Volvo CE unveils Ground-breaking Innovations at Volvo Days 2024

Conclusion: Leading the Charge in Sustainable Construction

Volvo Days 2024 was a testament to Volvo CE’s relentless pursuit of innovation and sustainability. By unveiling a broad range of both conventional and electric machines, along with comprehensive charging solutions and digital tools, Volvo CE is not just adapting to industry changes but leading them.

This event solidified the company’s vision of a future where construction is not only more efficient but also significantly greener. As the industry transitions towards a low-carbon future, Volvo CE is poised to play a pivotal role, guiding customers through their decarbonisation journey with cutting-edge solutions and unwavering support.

Volvo CE unveils Ground-breaking Innovations at Volvo Days 2024

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