AENOR certifies Sacyr’s BIM Information Management System
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AENOR certifies Sacyr’s BIM Information Management System

AENOR certifies Sacyr’s BIM Information Management System

AENOR has certified the information management of the BIM (Building Information Modelling) model used by Sacyr in its construction projects.

This certification, to ISO19650-1 and ISO19650-2 standards, reflects the company’s commitment to organizing and digitizing information through BIM in building and civil engineering projects.

AENOR’s certification will enable Sacyr to position itself as a leader in projects utilizing BIM and improve its standing in future bids.

BIM is a collaborative working methodology for project elaboration and management that centralizes all the information generated by the actors involved in the asset’s life cycle.

Sacyr is a pioneer in BIM management, especially in hospital, tertiary use, and transportation infrastructure projects. One of the first projects where Sacyr employed this technology was the construction of the Casa da Música in Porto in 2005. Since then, it has used BIM in numerous projects to achieve more efficient development of construction processes. Among other initiatives, Sacyr has supported the implementation of the BIM standard in Chile with the PlanBIM initiative.

AENOR certifies Sacyr's BIM Information Management System

Advantages of BIM

The use of BIM covers the design phase to the entire life cycle of the project. The advantages of this methodology include greater collaboration and communication among different stakeholders; visualization of the entire project before execution; improved coordination and conflict detection before execution; cost reduction and mitigation of risks associated with the asset’s execution and operation; and improved scheduling and sequencing.

One of the most noteworthy projects currently being developed by Sacyr is the BIM management at the expansion project of Jorge Chávez International Airport in Lima, Peru. This project involves various uses and levels, such as the control of work execution through 3D scanning, 4D construction simulation for planning construction activities, and the maintenance or facility management planning of the future airport.

AENOR certifies Sacyr's BIM Information Management System

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