Toyota unveils all-new Land Cruiser 250 Series in Japan

Toyota unveils all-new Land Cruiser 250 Series in Japan

Toyota unveils all-new Land Cruiser 250 Series in Japan

In a bold move to return to its roots, Toyota has launched the all-new 250 series in Japan, marking a significant addition to the revered Land Cruiser line-up. This new model embodies the philosophy of “back to basics,” focusing on core functionalities and robust off-road performance, a hallmark of the Land Cruiser legacy.

The development of the 250 series was driven by the desire to recapture the essence of the Land Cruiser Prado, transitioning it from a luxury-oriented vehicle back to its origins as a light-duty, dependable model. The underlying mission was clear: create a vehicle that supports daily life and instils unwavering trust in its users.

With the introduction of the 250 series, Toyota has streamlined its Land Cruiser line-up, consolidating all models under the singular “Land Cruiser” name. This strategic simplification is intended to solidify the Land Cruiser’s position as a reliable companion for users worldwide, adept at meeting contemporary societal needs while maintaining its rugged appeal.

Toyota unveils all-new Land Cruiser 250 Series in Japan

The GA-F Platform

At the heart of the 250 series lies the GA-F platform, shared with the 300 series, renowned for its exceptional off-road capabilities. This platform underpins the new model’s superior performance, incorporating advanced technologies such as Electric Power Steering (EPS) and a Stabilizer with Disconnection Mechanism (SDM).

Key Features of the GA-F Platform:

  • Electric Power Steering (EPS): Enhances handling by reducing kickback during off-road driving.
  • Stabilizer with Disconnection Mechanism (SDM): Allows for on-the-fly adjustment of the front stabilizer, optimizing both off-road performance and on-road stability.

Diesel and Gasoline

The 250 series offers two powertrain options to cater to diverse driving preferences and environmental considerations:

  1. 2.8-Litre Direct Injection Turbo Diesel Engine:
    • Paired with a Direct Shift-8AT transmission.
    • Delivers a maximum torque of 500 Nm at low engine speeds (1,600-2,800 rpm).
    • Achieves fuel efficiency of 11.0 km/L in WLTC mode.
  2. 2.7-Litre Gasoline Engine:
    • Coupled with a 6 Super ECT transmission.
    • Generates a maximum output of 120 kW (163 PS) and torque of 246 Nm.
    • Achieves fuel efficiency of 7.5 km/L in WLTC mode.

Both engines are complemented by a full-time 4WD system with a TORSEN® LSD in the centre differential, ensuring optimal torque distribution for enhanced driving stability and off-road prowess.

Toyota unveils all-new Land Cruiser 250 Series in Japan

ZX First Edition and VX First Edition

To commemorate the launch of the 250 series, Toyota has introduced two special edition models: the ZX First Edition and VX First Edition, limited to 8,000 units. These editions pay homage to the Land Cruiser’s heritage while incorporating modern enhancements.

  • ZX First Edition:
    • Based on the ZX grade with a 2.8-litre diesel engine.
    • Features round Bi-Beam LED headlights, matte black aluminium wheels, and 18-inch off-road tires.
  • VX First Edition:
    • Available in both diesel and gasoline variants.
    • Exclusive Sand exterior color and Dark Chestnut interior.
    • Enhanced safety features including Emergency Steering Assist, Front Cross-Traffic Alert, and Lane Change Assist.

Toyota unveils all-new Land Cruiser 250 Series in Japan

Comprehensive Safety and Technology Suite

Safety remains a cornerstone of the Land Cruiser’s design philosophy. The 250 series is equipped with the latest Toyota Safety Sense and Toyota Teammate systems, providing an array of advanced safety features:

  • Toyota Safety Sense:
    • Pre-Collision Safety System: Expanded detection range to include motorcyclists, vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists.
    • Proactive Driving Assist: Subtle assistance to avoid potential collisions with pedestrians, cyclists, and parked vehicles.
  • Toyota Teammate:
    • Advanced Drive: Supports drivers during traffic congestion by maintaining speed and lane position, reducing fatigue and enhancing safety.

Additional safety equipment includes front and rear dash cams, capturing video through the Toyota Safety Sense monocular camera and a new rear-facing camera, ensuring comprehensive recording of driving events.

Toyota unveils all-new Land Cruiser 250 Series in Japan

Versatile and Functional Design

The 250 series adheres to the Land Cruiser’s traditional design ethos while integrating modern conveniences. It boasts a robust GA-F platform with a ladder frame structure, significantly improving both frame and overall rigidity.

Toyota unveils all-new Land Cruiser 250 Series in Japan

Interior and Exterior Features

  • Traditional Wheelbase: 2,850 mm wheelbase ensures balanced proportions.
  • Spacious Cabin: Configurable in three-row, seven-passenger or two-row, five-passenger layouts.
  • Cargo Space: Offers 408 litres of luggage space with versatile storage options.

The design fuses reliability, timeless simplicity, and professional-grade functionality, with a focus on durability and customizability. The 250 series is available in multiple body colours, including the unique Sand with Light Grey roof option, enhancing its aesthetic appeal.

Toyota unveils all-new Land Cruiser 250 Series in Japan

JAOS and Toy-Factory Collaborations

To further personalize their Land Cruiser experience, customers can choose from a range of interior and exterior customisation options offered by JAOS and Toy-Factory, along with genuine Toyota and MODELLISTA parts. This flexibility allows users to tailor their vehicles to their specific needs and preferences.

Toyota unveils all-new Land Cruiser 250 Series in Japan

Production and Manufacturing

The 250 series is manufactured at Toyota’s Tahara Plant and Hino Motors’ Hamura Plant, ensuring high standards of quality and reliability.

Toyota unveils all-new Land Cruiser 250 Series in Japan

A New Chapter in the Land Cruiser Legacy

Toyota’s introduction of the 250 series marks a significant milestone in the Land Cruiser’s storied history. By returning to its roots while embracing modern advancements, the 250 series reaffirms the Land Cruiser’s position as a trusted, versatile vehicle capable of tackling both everyday challenges and rugged off-road adventures.

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