Experience the Luxury of a Bentley with Premium Car Rental in the UAE

Experience the Luxury of a Bentley with Premium Car Rental in the UAE

Experience the Luxury of a Bentley with Premium Car Rental in the UAE

If you have ever wanted to cruise in style, a Bentley is the car to own. This stylish car has had plenty of models that have gone down in automobile history.

What better way to experience such a classic than with a vacation in the UAE? You can find Bentley rental services in the city of Dubai and the surrounding areas.

You can even check out websites, like bentleyrentaldubai.com for full rental details. Follow their guide on how to get a Bentley car rental and the advantages of what this luxury car can offer you.

Experience the Bentley 656LR with Premium car rental in the UAE

History of Bentley

Bentley has always been a car that prides itself on being the personification of luxury. They have been offering luxury sportscars for almost a century, with a unique look in every model. These cars are built with the best materials on the market, by professional engineers and craftsman with years of experience.

In 2020, the car company launched the Beyng100 Manifesto. This was their plan to create more sustainable luxury vehicles. This will not only help the environment but help push the car industry to be greener as a whole. Bentley is always looking towards making more renovations for the future.

The founder of this vehicle company was a man named Walter Own Bentley. Born in 1888, he founded the company in 1919 with his first model car. The vehicle proved its durability and speed during the Le Mans, winning the race five times in a row. These victories fast-forwarded the brand through a ton of new innovations.

The racing pedigree continues to this very day, with another victory secured in 2003. The company remains strong in creating new models for an ever-changing market. The goal remains the same in combining both luxury and speed together.

UAE Car Rentals

There is a massive choice of rental services available in the UAE, and Dubai is hone to at least a few hundred.

All of these companies will have their own website for you to explore. This means you can check out the latest Bentley rentals and order them online before even setting foot in the UAE. This is convenient so that you have the car ready for when you touch down from the airport.

If you wish to ask any further questions about the Bentley, you can contact them via the contacts page.

Here are some suggestions of Bentley rental sites you can look into. These sites offer other vehicles as well if you are looking for a replacement:

  • Luxury Supercar Rentals
  • Octane Luxury Car Rentals
  • OneClickDrive
  • Renty
  • Tajeer Car Rental
  • Master Key Rent a Car

You will most likely find Bentleys on the luxury or sportscar sites. Since the Bentley is considered as such, they will be advertising this model front and centre on those sites.

If you are in need of a specific model to rent, search engines can be filtered with your specifications.

Experience the Bentley 656LR with Premium car rental in the UAE

Model Recommendations

If you don’t know what to look for, here are a few models for you to research, which are some of the most popular models on the current market:

  • Bentley Continental GT V8 – A powerful V8 engine with dynamic performance. This has a unique sound which makes it instantly recognizable. The speed of this model is what those who want fast are looking for. You can feel the roar of the engine as it goes.
  • Bentley Bentayga Speed W12 – This is an SUV model, meaning you can carry larger baggage and is perfect for family trips. With a powerful engine, you can reach up to 60mph in 3.8 seconds. This actually makes it the fastest SUV in the world currently.
  • Bentley Bacalar – This limited-edition model can be found at few rental services. If it is there, you will not want to miss out on the chance to ride it. It is a modern version of the classic style of Bentley. Adding advanced features to a legendary look.

Choose the car that best suits your needs, or  go all out and choose the fanciest. Bentley is a car for those who want to feel like a millionaire.

Why not have a go yourself?

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