Twiceme University Education and Certification Platform launched
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Twiceme University Education and Certification Platform launched

Twiceme University Education and Certification Platform launched

Twiceme Technology, a Swedish company dedicated to revolutionizing safety solutions, today announced the launch of Twiceme University, an educational platform for construction industry customers.

Launched in partnership with training solution provider BrandEcation, Twiceme University aims to increase safety through awareness of safety preparedness and procedures when using personal protective equipment (PPE) integrated with Twiceme.

Twiceme University offers users a series of training modules on worksite safety and the proper use of Twiceme equipment, like setting up your medical ID and emergency contacts, equipment inspection for workers, advanced training for health and safety managers, helmet safety inspection per United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recommendations, and security of information and implementation in one’s workforce.

Upon successfully completing training, participants will earn a Twiceme certification to ensure workers and safety managers can maximize the safety potential of Twiceme technology. Additionally, keeping track of safety certifications for worksite employees has historically been challenging for safety managers. Using Twiceme, company workers can store and centralize all their respective certifications in the cloud to help improve the verification process for employers and employees alike.

Twiceme University Education and Certification Platform launched

“At Twiceme, we are focused on helping construction and industrial, professional customers build a culture of safety, and a large part of that is continued learning and awareness of safety issues and how to solve them,” said Christian Connolly, CEO and Founder of Twiceme. “With the launch of Twiceme University, we will provide construction professionals with training resources and a certification that they can use to improve safety on the worksite and create a safer work environment.” 

Twiceme’s smart safety technology integrates into safety equipment that protects people before and after an incident. Before an incident, Twiceme helps users monitor equipment health through a structured self-check safety process per OSHA recommendations for head and fall harness protection.

Twiceme University Education and Certification Platform launched

Using the Twiceme smartphone app to interact with next-generation, contactless near-field communications (NFC) sensors integrated into safety equipment, first responders or safety managers can receive valuable data about the equipment and wearer, like when a harness was last inspected. According to a 2022 study from the United States National Safety Council, total workplace injury costs exceeded $170 billion annually. Organizations can proactively address workplace injuries by creating a culture rooted in safety through proper training and consistent equipment checks.

After an incident, Twiceme supports rescuers with situational awareness by providing location information to help them find people wearing the technology faster. Once on the scene, if a person is injured or incapacitated, helpers use the app to access critical medical information about a person wearing the equipment, such as medicine allergies, to help the rescuers safely administer appropriate treatment. It is a vital feature in situations where the removal of a helmet can cause further injury to the wearer, as historically, industrial workers write emergency information on a piece of paper inside the helmet.

Twiceme technology is distributed in millions of pieces of equipment worldwide, including numerous products for construction professionals, like safety helmets and harnesses from leading worksite PPE brands, including Studson, Diamondback, Guardian, and Zero.

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