Mecalac announces range of Hydraulic Breakers
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Mecalac announces range of Hydraulic Breakers

Mecalac announces range of Hydraulic Breakers

Mecalac, world leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of compact machines for urban worksites, is delighted to present its range of hydraulic breakers: the MB30, MB40, MB50 and MB80 (MB, Mecalac Breaker).

Offering four breakers of different calibres, Mecalac is able to respond effectively to a multitude of needs. In fact, by adjusting the combination of hammer model and machine size, it is possible to respond effectively to all levels of use, whether occasional or intensive.

The MB30, MB40 and MB50, designed for excavators from 5 to 12 tonnes, are compact and lightweight, with a no-load protection system for added durability. They also offer additional operating comfort thanks to their suspensions, which help to reduce noise pollution.

The MB80, designed for excavators from 9 to 16 tonnes, combines performance, robustness and ease of maintenance, with a protection system against dry striking and a soundproofed cradle equipped with suspensions. Its standard automatic greasing system simplifies daily maintenance.

At Mecalac, we strive to improve working conditions for operators and productivity on construction sites. Our new breakers are lighter, quieter, more robust and offer optimum comfort for everyday use.

By investing in these new accessories, companies can increase their efficiency in the field and guarantee the success of their projects.

Mecalac announces range of Hydraulic Breakers

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