Meet the new DEVELON DTL35 Compact Track Loader
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Meet the new DEVELON DTL35 Compact Track Loader

Meet the new DEVELON DTL35 Compact Track Loader

DEVELON introduced a prototype of its first compact track loader at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023. Since then, the company has refined the design after receiving input from dealers and contractors.

Featuring one of the most powerful in-class engines (115.3 hp) the DTL35 Compact Track Loader helps operators gain traction and manoeuvrability on construction sites and in tight spaces. It’s equipped with features to help maximize productivity and efficiency.

“The new DTL35 is the first compact track loader from DEVELON in North America and has several features and technologies for excellent performance, visibility and high-end comfort,” says Dylan Freeman, product manager for compact track loaders, DEVELON. “We’re excited to continue to expand our compact equipment line, giving our customers more machines to help with their work demands.”

Meet the new DEVELON DTL35 Compact Track Loader

Productivity and Durability

The DTL35 compact track loader is equipped with a reliable D34 engine, which is also used in the DEVELON DD100 dozer. The engine helps minimize downtime, reduce maintenance costs and ensure consistent performance in demanding work conditions.

Two rubber track patterns are available and both include a wide and narrow version. A wide multi-bar track comes standard, while a block pattern is optional. The wide multi-bar tracks offer increased contact with surfaces for better traction. This design increases stability and reduces vibration and the risk of slippage.

The optional block pattern is designed for more durability on challenging terrains like rock, gravel or uneven ground. It also minimizes ground disturbance, making these tracks a good option for landscaping and turf management.

Ride control reduces shocks and vibrations, which enhances stability for the bucket and minimizes spillage when the compact track loader navigates rough terrain while carrying full loads. The auto return to dig automatically returns the arms to the lowered position, saving operators time while delivering a more consistent digging depth.

The standard 2-speed travel feature allows the compact track loader to operate at the best speed for the job: the higher speed (up to 9.2 mph) for traveling longer distances or quickly moving between job sites, and the lower speed (up to 6.1 mph) for stabilizing the machine during more precise and controlled movements in challenging conditions.

The reversible fan protects against dust and debris, keeping the compact track loader’s engine cleaner and cooler to help extend the life of the machine. The rear-view (backup) camera provides an additional view, allowing operators to easily see behind the machine.

An optional around view monitor (AVM) camera system with ultrasonic proximity sensors displays a 270-degree view of the machine’s surroundings for greater confidence when operating the loader in tight work areas or busy job sites. The ultrasonic proximity sensors further enhance safety by alerting operators to nearby objects as they back up the machine.

Meet the new DEVELON DTL35 Compact Track Loader

Exceptional Reach

The vertical lift arm configuration allows the DTL35 compact track loader to extend its reach forward, making it easier to deposit materials into high-sided trucks, bins or agriculture mixers.

To help maintain the loader’s stability, a self-levelling feature automatically adjusts the attachment to remain level as the arms are raised or lowered. This stability is crucial for ensuring safe operation.

The bucket shake feature helps shake loose or release materials stuck to the attachment and facilitates quick and efficient dumping without the need to stop and manually clean the machine.

Meet the new DEVELON DTL35 Compact Track Loader

Maximum Comfort

The DTL35 compact track loader has a 3-foot-wide spacious interior, a large polycarbonate swing-out door, electric over hydraulic controls and a roof panel with an unobstructed view of what’s overhead.

The adjustable air-suspension heated seat offers superior comfort compared to traditional seats. Air-filled cushions adjust to the operator’s weight and movement, providing a smooth and comfortable ride, especially over uneven terrain. The air-suspension system helps absorb shocks and vibrations, reducing the impact of bumps and rough terrain.

The torsion suspension system also helps absorb shocks and vibrations over rough or uneven terrain. This results in a smoother ride throughout the day compared to traditional fixed-frame machines.

Meet the new DEVELON DTL35 Compact Track Loader

Attachment Versatility

Attachment changes are easy on the DTL35 compact track loader. It’s equipped with a hydraulic quick coupler that allows fast and tool-free attachment changes, significantly reducing the time required for manual attachments.

The DTL35 is offered with more than a dozen DEVELON attachments to help operators complete multiple tasks with one machine.

  • Angle broom
  • Auger
  • Power rake
  • Hi-vis rail pallet fork
  • Scrap grapple
  • Skeleton grapple
  • Large-capacity root grapple
  • Low-profile dirt bucket
  • Utility bucket
  • Multi-purpose bucket
  • Rotary brush cutters
  • Snow blower
  • Snow/light-material bucket
  • Snow pusher

Meet the new DEVELON DTL35 Compact Track Loader

Exceptional Support and Warranty

The DTL35 is equipped with MY DEVELON fleet management, a new digital platform for managing construction equipment, which comes standard. This equipment diagnostic tool monitors the health, location and productivity of DEVELON equipment from a user-friendly mobile app and website.

The DTL35 is backed by an exceptional standard warranty. It includes full coverage for 36 months or 5,000 hours, whichever comes first, with parts and service support from a local authorized DEVELON dealer.

DEVELON also offers Protection Plus® extended warranty coverage with more than 70 different plan options to help operators customize coverage to meet their needs. This coverage protects from deficiencies in materials or workmanship for up to 60 months or 7,500 hours, whichever comes first.

Meet the new DEVELON DTL35 Compact Track Loader

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