INSTABOOM Go keeps the traffic flowing in Reading
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INSTABOOM Go keeps the traffic flowing in Reading

INSTABOOM Go keeps the traffic flowing in Reading

Reading Borough Council, known for its commitment to innovation and safety in traffic management, has successfully integrated the INSTABOOM Go system developed by Solar Gates UK into its Traffic Operations Department. This lightweight, solar-powered, remote-controlled Stop:Go solution promises to transform industry practices by significantly enhancing safety and efficiency.

Traditional methods of traffic control at static sites or emergency works have long exposed operatives to live traffic, resulting in high-risk situations and numerous near misses. Recognising these dangers, Chapter 8 of the Traffic Signs Manual and the Safety at Street Works and Road Works Code of Practice recommend using remotely controlled Stop:Go boards wherever possible.

In response to these safety concerns, Solar Gates UK developed the INSTABOOM Go, the first of its kind in the UK market.

INSTABOOM Go boasts several innovative features:

  • Solar Powered – Operates continuously in direct sunlight and for up to two weeks without sun.
  • Remote Control – Allows up to four signs to be controlled by a single operative from a safe distance, using robust software that prevents simultaneous Go signals.
  • Quick Setup – Each unit, weighing just 22kg, can be set up in under a minute.
  • Safety and Efficiency – Operatives can control traffic from a secure location, reducing exposure to moving vehicles.

The software developed by Solar Gates UK ensures the signs are permanently connected by two independent radio channels, preventing the possibility of more than one Go signal. This allows operatives to position themselves safely while maintaining line of sight over a 200m setup.

INSTABOOM Go keeps the traffic flowing in Reading

Successful Implementation by Reading Borough Council

Reading Borough Council deployed the INSTABOOM Go system in February 2024, following initial training for all Highway Operations Crews. The units have since been used for various tasks, including pothole repairs, emergency works, and RTA assistance with the police.

Sam Shean, Highways and Traffic Services Manager, expressed his satisfaction with the system: “We have been using the INSTABOOM Go for several months now, and the improvement in the safety of our crews has been significant. As a local council, ensuring the safety of our employees and the public while they manage roadworks and other infrastructure projects is a top priority. The INSTABOOM Go has proven to be a reliable and efficient solution for our needs.”

The council’s crews quickly integrated the new technology into their daily routines. Initially using two operatives, they soon reduced to one, cutting labour costs without sacrificing productivity. The system’s ease of deployment and solar-powered design have enhanced both safety and efficiency, minimizing disruption to traffic and reducing operational costs.

Luke Caines, Highways and Drainage Supervisor, commented: “Overall, the INSTABOOM Go has been an invaluable addition to our equipment, significantly improving the safety and well-being of our crews. We highly recommend it to other councils and organisations looking to enhance their traffic management practices.”

INSTABOOM Go keeps the traffic flowing in Reading

Award-Winning Innovation

INSTABOOM Go’s approach to traffic management was recognised at the LCRIG 2023 Innovation Festival Awards, where it won the Traffic Signs and Lines category.

This accolade underscores the product’s potential to modernise industry practices and highlights Solar Gates UK’s commitment to evolution and safety.

Case Study Launch at LCRIG Innovation and Learning Festival 2024

The case study, documenting the successful implementation and benefits of the INSTABOOM Go system, was launched last week at the LCRIG Innovation and Learning Festival 2024.

This event provided an ideal platform to highlight the product’s transformative potential and share insights gained from the Reading Borough Council pilot.

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