SBM Mineral Processing’s Hybrid Showstopper at Hillhead 2024

SBM Mineral Processing’s Hybrid Showstopper at Hillhead 2024

SBM Mineral Processing’s Hybrid Showstopper at Hillhead 2024

SBM Mineral Processing took centre stage at the UK’s premier quarrying exhibition, Hillhead 2024, showcasing its cutting-edge hybrid technology.

The Austrian firm brought a strong line-up of equipment and expanded its dealer network, underscoring its commitment to the UK market.

REMAX 600: A Milestone in Hybrid Crushing

The star of the show was the REMAX 600 tracked heavy-duty impact crusher, which made its official UK debut. This machine represents SBM’s latest advancement in hybrid technology, blending efficiency with environmental responsibility.

“Despite the currently rather subdued mood in the UK market, which was probably also reflected in the strongly fluctuating visitor numbers during the three days of the show, we are satisfied with the overall result,” stated Helmut Haider, Sales Director Processing at SBM. He noted the diverse audience, including international visitors from Scandinavia and the Far East, alongside UK-based professionals from various sectors like construction, recycling, and large building materials groups.

SBM Mineral Processing's Hybrid Showstopper at Hillhead 2024

Expanding Dealer Network

SBM took significant strides in reinforcing its presence in the UK. In addition to existing partners like Banner Equipment and Orba Group, SBM signed a long-term agreement with Fitzgerald Plant for sales and service in Wales and South West England.

“Scotland and the Irish market are still managed centrally from Austria, but we intend to establish a direct foothold there soon. Talks with suitable partners are nearing completion,” Haider revealed.

Diesel-Electric Drives are Leading the Charge

Hybrid technology was a focal point at Hillhead 2024. For SBM, this was familiar territory.

“We have been offering this technology for more than 40 years, and today we focus exclusively on highly efficient, environmentally friendly and, above all, mature hybrid solutions in all machine classes across all systems,” emphasised Haider.

The JAWMAX® 450, another highlight at SBM’s stand, demonstrated the practical benefits of hybrid systems. With a weight of around 40 tonnes and a maximum throughput of 450 t/h, it is designed for versatility in quarrying and recycling applications.

Experts praised its integration of electrified main and auxiliary drives, which enhances user-friendliness through SBM’s CRUSH CONTROL system.

SBM Mineral Processing's Hybrid Showstopper at Hillhead 2024

Live Demonstrations and Real-World Performance

SBM didn’t just talk about performance; they showcased it. The REMAX 600, in particular, impressed visitors with its live demonstrations. The nearly 53-tonne machine processed 1,500 tonnes of limestone from 0/800 to “Type 1” 0/40 in up to five short demos per day, achieving a maximum of 300 tph with an average consumption of just under 25 l/h.

“Many experts praised the complete integration of electrified main and auxiliary drives, which, in addition to a very compact machine concept, enables a high level of user-friendliness thanks to our CRUSH CONTROL system. We have often heard that other suppliers need to improve in this area,” Haider noted.

Setting New Standards with REMAX 600

The REMAX 600’s market launch was a pivotal moment. With a maximum output of 600 tph and a 1400 class impact crusher, it handles a wide range of applications in raw materials and recycling. Its ability to produce up to five end products in a single pass sets it apart.

“Of course, you don’t sell a machine like this at a trade show – but we were actually surprised by the number and specific nature of the enquiries and expect the 600 to establish itself quickly in the UK market too,” Haider shared.

SBM Mineral Processing's Hybrid Showstopper at Hillhead 2024

Pioneering the Future with Autonomous Crushing

Looking ahead, SBM is already working on the next frontier: autonomous crushing. Collaborating with the University of Leoben, SBM is developing an AI-supported real-time detection and classification system for the REMAX 600. This technology aims to fully automate the crushing process, enhancing efficiency and reducing environmental impact.

“We are well on schedule here. We are currently optimising the AI-supported real-time detection and classification of the feed material and crushed products as the basis for the fully automated crushing process,” Haider reported.

This innovation is slated for market launch by 2026, promising easier planning for mobile operations and extensive self-monitoring capabilities, including wear detection.

Underscoring Leadership

SBM Mineral Processing’s presence at Hillhead 2024 underscored its leadership in hybrid technology and its commitment to the UK market. With innovative products like the REMAX 600 and a growing dealer network, SBM is poised to set new standards in the industry.

Their forward-thinking approach, particularly in autonomous crushing technology, indicates a promising future for both the company and its customers.

SBM Mineral Processing's Hybrid Showstopper at Hillhead 2024

Post source : SBM Mineral Processing GmbH

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