Redefining Deep Drilling Standards with Atlas Copco X-Air⁺ 1200-40 Compressor
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Redefining Deep Drilling Standards with Atlas Copco X-Air⁺ 1200-40 Compressor

Redefining Deep Drilling Standards with Atlas Copco X-Air⁺ 1200-40 Compressor

Atlas Copco has announced the launch of its X-Air⁺ 1200-40, the newest member of its DrillAir portfolio. This brand-new portable air compressor is designed to revolutionize deep drilling applications by offering faster drilling and a notably reduced carbon footprint.

Enhanced drilling performance and efficiency

Engineered with precision, the X-Air⁺ 1200-40 achieves at least a 10% enhancement in performance metrics over prior models. This enhancement helps users achieve significant savings in fuel and operational costs, while simultaneously reducing the environmental footprint of their activities.

Leslie Van Mulders , Product Marketing Manager of Large Air, from the Portable Air Division, said: “The X-Air⁺ 1200-40 represents a bold leap in our commitment to offering innovative compressed air solutions that benefit both our customers and the planet alike. With enhanced performance capabilities, this 40 bar compressor is our most efficient DrillAir compressor, not only in operating speed but also in fuel efficiency.”

The X-Air⁺ 1200-40 surpasses Atlas Copco’s previous flagship drilling compressor, the Y35. The model boasts 15% more pressure and a 20% increase in drilling speed compared to the Y35. It features a new high-pressure element – to withstand even more tough operational conditions – and is protected by innovative patented software that ensures longer lifetime and durability. The new unit also introduces a patent-pending hammer protection functionality, allowing users to limit the flow to ideal hammer settings or unleash the full power of DrillAir as needed.

A new ‘pressure optimizer’ function automatically reduces fuel consumption when the machine is not delivering air to the drill, potentially saving customers up to 20% during ‘no load’ times. When no air discharge is detected, the pressure will drop to 22 bar and 16 bar thanks to XPR technology and will automatically resume when air is required. The advancements in the X-Air⁺ 1200-40 not only ensure faster, deeper, and cleaner drilling but also offer an average fuel saving of 11% over the total drill cycle, marking a significant step forward in efficiency and environmental responsibility.

A reliable, tough partner

Additionally, the X-Air⁺ 1200-40 comes equipped with new robust oil filters utilizing the latest fibre technology, ensuring optimal oil quality under higher pressures. Enhanced with a new array of sensors, this smart machine offers even more accurate remote monitoring and warnings, further improving operational efficiency and reliability.

Engineered for durability and versatility, the X-Air⁺ 1200-40 is ideal for a wide range of industries such as construction, mining, and energy. It is specifically designed to tackle the most challenging applications, including ground engineering, water well and geothermal drilling, and pipeline pressure testing.

The X-Air⁺ 1200-40 model aims to set new industry standard in deep drilling applications, enhancing productivity, reducing costs, and minimizing environmental impact.

Redefining Deep Drilling Standards with Atlas Copco X-Air⁺ 1200-40 Compressor

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