Revolutionising Passive House Design with Kawneer Window Systems
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Revolutionising Passive House Design with Kawneer Window Systems

Revolutionising Passive House Design with Kawneer Window Systems

Leading provider of architectural aluminium products, Kawneer, is launching the breakthrough Passive House window, the new KWD92 UT+.

Designed with energy efficiency as a priority, KWD92 UT+ will help architects, specifiers, installers, and contractors redefine building design and their approach to Passive House compliance – with the goal of achieving net-zero-ready buildings, optimised for a decarbonised footprint.

Fully certified to the latest Passive House standards, KWD92 UT+ is helping to set a new standard whilst reducing the amount of insulating foam inside the system by 70% compared to other Passive House window systems.

Maria Morgan, UK Product Manager at Kawneer, says: “With the launch of the KWD92 UT+ window, we’re committed to sustainable solutions that support great environments, provide excellent thermal performance and minimise costs, manufacturing time and materials.

“Critically, the thermal performance of KWD92 UT+ is designed for Passive House applications and the goal of creating thermally efficient and comfortable buildings that use minimal energy for heating and cooling.”

The Passive House standard adopts a whole-building approach with clear, measured targets focused on high-quality construction, superior thermal products, robust thermal bridging that are all certified and tested through quality assurance processes.

KWD92 UT+ sets a new standard for Passive Window System

“Passive House is only part of the KWD92 UT+ story” continues Maria Morgan. “Our focus on innovation in façade design is relentless. With KWD92 UT+ we’re reshaping how you can achieve Passive House performance with no foam within the thermal cavity. Also, thanks to our patented thermal break technology the KWD92 UT+ can also achieve thermal performance of 1.1W/m2K with double glazing adding a further cost saving which can be a considerable cost to the project.”

Maria Morgan continues: “This product is so ground-breaking that KWD92 UT+ will be the new platform basis for all our future product platforms, for doors and windows. We are adopting the performance across our product range and by using the platform as our primary basis we can also introduce a more modular approach, where products can share elements from each other to create a more flexible approach to façade design and fabrication. With KWD92 UT+, we’re giving product design consideration across the full supply chain, from design aesthetics and performance to product fabrication and installation. As ever, we’re delivering product innovation and engineering built on a 100-year legacy of façade knowledge and experience.”

Designed with the fabricator in mind, trials with some of our dedicated fabricators have highlighted that there is an opportunity to manufacture the KWD92 UT+ product 30% faster than Kawneer’s current range.

The new KWD92 UT+ product also activates a new collaborative approach with Winkhaus, a leading manufacturer of high security locking systems for doors and windows, who offer a premium product range, ranging from lift lever locks through to automatic and electronic locks. The KWD92 UT+ product features their innovative aluPilot tilt turn system, that enables aluminium fabricators to fabricate and assemble windows much faster.

Maria Morgan adds: “We have complimented this innovative approach by including our new corner assembly and pre-set gasket strategy to the system. Together, these features combined help our UK fabricator network manufacture windows at a minimum of 30% faster than standard systems.”

Alastair Wheeler, Aluminium Systems Manager at Winkhaus UK commented: “Our collaboration with Kawneer has been built on a foundation of excellent technical and commercial understanding. The coordination and teamwork has been very successful, and we are delighted to be involved in helping bring this new market leading Passive House solutions to market”

Revolutionising Passive House Design with Kawneer Window Systems

New beginnings and a new product naming convention

Reflecting Kawneer’s pursuit of continuous improvement, the KWD92 UT+ window marks the company’s first use of a new and informative product naming strategy. The new name represents the following:

  • K – represents Kawneer.
  • WD – represents a window product.
  • 92 – represents the window depth in ‘mm’.
  • UT+ – Ultra Thermal+ (our highest thermal performance).

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