Granite enhancing Traffic Flow and Safety in Salinas

Granite enhancing Traffic Flow and Safety in Salinas

Granite enhancing Traffic Flow and Safety in Salinas

In a bid to tackle traffic congestion and enhance safety for pedestrians and cyclists, Granite has secured a significant contract from the City of Salinas for a $16 million initiative aimed at transforming a vital thoroughfare between residential zones and Highway 101, is set to be a game-changer for the community.

Project Overview: Widening Horizons and Enhancing Connectivity

Granite’s latest project involves a comprehensive upgrade of East Boronda Road. By expanding this crucial artery into a four-lane roadway, with two lanes flowing in each direction, the plan also includes the installation of a multi-lane roundabout at the McKinnon Street intersection.

These changes promise to streamline traffic flow, significantly reduce travel times, and enhance safety for all road users.

The project isn’t just about easing vehicular traffic; it’s a holistic approach to urban mobility. Key components include:

  • Bioretention Facilities: These will manage stormwater runoff, contributing to sustainable urban drainage.
  • Buffered Bike Lanes: Providing safe routes for cyclists, separated from vehicular traffic.
  • Bus Pullouts: Improving public transportation efficiency and safety.
  • Sidewalks and ADA-Compliant Access Ramps: Ensuring pedestrian safety and accessibility for all community members.
  • Storm Drain and Sanitary Sewer Lines: Upgrading essential infrastructure for improved urban living.
  • Street Lighting and Landscaping: Enhancing safety and aesthetics, fostering a pleasant environment for residents and commuters.

Funding and Timeline

The financial backbone of this project is the City of Salinas, with the allocated funds set to appear in Granite’s second-quarter CAP.

Construction is slated to kick off in Q3 2024, with a targeted completion by the Fall of 2025. This timeline underscores the project’s urgency and the city’s commitment to rapid improvements.

Community Impact: A Commitment to Local Needs

“Located near Granite’s Salinas Recycled Aggregate and Hot Plant facility, the Boronda Road project aligns perfectly with our home market strategy,” remarked Brian Dowd, Granite Senior Vice President of Construction Operations. “This project presents an ideal opportunity for us to respond to a long-standing community request and further develop our local market.”

Brent Fogg, Granite’s Vice President of Regional Operations, echoed this sentiment, stating, “We are excited by the opportunity to participate in improving accessibility and traffic flow for the citizens of Salinas. As a local business, we understand the needs of our community and are committed to making a positive impact.”

Materials and Resources

Granite’s Salinas Hot Plant is poised to supply a substantial volume of materials for the project:

  • Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA): Approximately 7,500 tons.
  • Recycled Aggregate Base: Around 8,000 tons.
  • Various Aggregates: An impressive 18,000 tons from the Handley Ranch Quarry.

This use of local resources underscores Granite’s commitment to sustainability and efficient resource management, reducing the project’s environmental footprint and supporting the local economy.

Granite’s Legacy and Vision

With roots dating back to 1922, Granite has grown into one of the largest and most diversified construction and construction materials companies in the United States. Their portfolio spans a full suite of civil construction services, guided by a robust Code of Conduct and core values that emphasize the highest ethical standards.

Granite is not just a leader in safety; it’s a trailblazer in quality and sustainability, boasting numerous awards in these domains.

A Broader Vision for Urban Development

Granite’s approach to this project reflects a broader vision for urban development that goes beyond mere infrastructure. It’s about creating a community-centric environment where safety, accessibility, and sustainability are paramount.

The enhancements to East Boronda Road will not only facilitate smoother traffic but also foster a more connected, safer, and greener urban space for Salinas residents.

Driving Forward with Granite

As Granite embarks on this transformative journey, the City of Salinas can look forward to a brighter, more efficient, and safer future.

The project is more than just a road expansion; it’s a commitment to the community, a testament to Granite’s expertise, and a significant step towards modern, sustainable urban infrastructure.

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