Graco launches Xtreme Torque™ Airless Sprayer Line
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Graco launches Xtreme Torque™ Airless Sprayer Line

Graco launches Xtreme Torque™ Airless Sprayer Line

Graco Inc., a leading manufacturer of fluid handling equipment, today announced the all-new line-up of Ultra XT and Mark XT Airless Sprayers, which are set to deliver one of the world’s widest and steadiest running pressure and unrivalled pump durability.

The new series of airless sprayers are built with the advanced design of the Xtreme Torque™  Brushless Motor, which provides up to 15 times more torque than traditional motors. This allows for 90 percent slower running speeds that create the quietest airless sprayer ever built – up to 10 times quieter.

The sprayers also offer Xtreme Torque™’s exclusive Rapid-Response Pressure Control with selectable performance modes. This technology enables the sprayers to deliver the industry’s widest- and steadiest-running pressure on the market. In addition, each Xtreme Torque™ model features an Endurance Vortex® Pump to create unrivalled pump durability and performance and up to three times longer life than competitive pumps, reducing downtime and operating expenses.

“Graco has long been a pioneer and leading name in the airless sprayer space. With the launch of a line of airless sprayers using Xtreme Torque™ sprayer technology, we’re setting a new standard of quality for painting and performance no matter the job,” said Nolan Buss, associate product marketing manager at Graco. “Each sprayer in the series offers a dramatically quiet motor, giving painters more flexibility to start spraying first thing in the morning without disturbing neighbours. Users can further customize their painting experience using selectable ‘Performance Modes’, which makes it possible to achieve a perfect airless finish using even, lower spray pressures while also significantly reducing overspray and extending equipment life.”

This advancement in industry-leading pump durability and performance makes it easier to get more work done in a day with increased flow and production rates, all on the industry’s most silent spraying platform.

Graco launches Xtreme Torque™ Airless Sprayer Line

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