Granite announces key Infrastructure Projects across Tennessee and Michigan

Granite announces key Infrastructure Projects across Tennessee and Michigan

Granite announces key Infrastructure Projects across Tennessee and Michigan

Granite, a major player in the construction industry, is spearheading significant infrastructure projects in Tennessee and Michigan, reflecting its commitment to improving transportation networks and enhancing community quality of life.

Through its subsidiary Lehman-Roberts and a joint venture with Kraemer North America, Granite is tackling two critical projects: an infrastructure upgrade in Tennessee and the replacement of the Lafayette Bascule Bridge in Michigan.

Tennessee Infrastructure Upgrade: Enhancing Connectivity

Granite has announced that Lehman-Roberts, its subsidiary, has been selected as a subcontractor by Dement Construction Company, LLC for an extensive infrastructure upgrade.

This project, funded by the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) and federal resources, is valued at approximately $21 million and will be included in Granite’s second-quarter CAP.

Strategic Location and Objectives

The project is strategically located where Interstate 22 converges with State Route 4 (SR 4) and U.S. Route 78 (US 78) southeast of downtown Memphis. This phase aims to alleviate daily traffic congestion and improve transportation efficiency by adding extra lanes and overpasses over a stretch of roughly two miles. This phase builds on the successful completion of Phase 1, handled by Lehman-Roberts from 2018 to 2023. The project sits at the heart of one of the Southeast’s largest intermodal facilities, serving the BNSF railway.

Patrick Nelson, President of Lehman-Roberts and Memphis Stone and Gravel, expressed the company’s enthusiasm for their role in this critical project. “Lehman-Roberts is excited to contribute to this significant infrastructure upgrade and looks forward to continuing its work in enhancing transportation networks across the region,” he said, highlighting the company’s robust relationship with the project owner and prime contractor.

Material Production and Project Timeline

Lehman-Roberts will produce approximately 178,000 tons of hot mix asphalt for the project. Additionally, Granite-owned Memphis Stone & Gravel will supply essential materials, including 2,600 tons of washed sand, 182,000 tons of clay gravel, and 32,000 tons of screened gravel from their DeSoto plant.

The project is set to kick off in July 2024, with an expected completion date in July 2028.

Michigan’s Lafayette Bascule Bridge Replacement

In Michigan, Granite’s GKJV-II joint venture with Kraemer North America will undertake the removal and replacement of the Lafayette Bascule Bridge in Bay City.

This project, awarded by the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT), is valued at approximately $113 million and will be funded by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and MDOT, with its inclusion in Granite’s second-quarter CAP.

Comprehensive Construction Efforts

The Lafayette Bascule Bridge project will leverage the team’s expertise in movable bridge and marine construction. The project’s scope includes:

  • Demolition of the existing structure
  • Installation of cofferdams
  • Construction of a new substructure and bascule piers
  • Structural steel work
  • Machinery installation
  • Building of the bridge house and approach spans

Michael Punches, Granite’s Vice President of Regional Operations, noted the significance of the project, stating: “This marks our third bascule bridge project in Bay City, Michigan, and presents the next challenge for our dedicated team that has already achieved success on the first two projects. We are particularly excited to be collaborating with the Michigan Department of Transportation for the first time. This partnership will deliver a brand-new bascule bridge for the community, reflecting our commitment to improving infrastructure and enhancing the quality of life for residents.”

Anticipated Timeline and Community Impact

While the final timeline is pending, the project is expected to commence in the Fall of 2024 and be open to traffic by the Summer of 2027.

This new bridge will significantly improve connectivity and transport efficiency for Bay City residents, further cementing Granite’s role in advancing the nation’s infrastructure.

Key Takeaways

These two ambitious projects underscore Granite’s pivotal role in enhancing the United States’ infrastructure. From alleviating traffic congestion in Memphis to improving transportation in Bay City, Granite’s commitment to quality, efficiency, and community impact is evident.

Both Lehman-Roberts’ work in Tennessee and the GKJV-II venture in Michigan highlight the company’s strategic collaborations and robust project execution capabilities.

In Summary

  • Project Locations: Memphis, Tennessee; Bay City, Michigan
  • Total Contract Value: $134 million
  • Key Materials: Hot mix asphalt, washed sand, clay gravel, screened gravel
  • Timeline: July 2024 – July 2028 (Tennessee); Fall 2024 – Summer 2027 (Michigan)
  • Primary Stakeholders: Lehman-Roberts, Granite, Kraemer North America, TDOT, MDOT, FHWA

Granite’s ongoing projects reflect a blend of strategic foresight, technical expertise, and a strong commitment to community enhancement. As these projects progress, they promise to bring substantial benefits to the respective regions, showcasing the transformative power of well-executed infrastructure development.

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