Rotterdam to be connected to Germany by 12km A15 extension
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Rotterdam to be connected to Germany by 12km A15 extension

Rotterdam to be connected to Germany by 12km A15 extension

The Dutch government and the province of Gelderland plan to extend the A15 by 12km in the direction of the A12 motorway. This 12km extension will create a connection from the Port of Rotterdam to Germany and improve the flow of traffic in the Arnhem-Nijmegen region.

The entire project, including measures to integrate with the existing road network, will cost approximately US$925m (€860m). The province of Gelderland will contribute some US$430m (€400m) and approximately one-third of the construction costs paid from toll fees, which will be temporary and will cease once the necessary amount is raised.

A15 Extension
A15 Extension in blue. Map by Google Maps.

Infrastructure and environment minister Melanie Schultz van Haegen has signed a planning procedure order for the exact route. She said, “We are creating an important new connection within the Dutch road network. The A15 motorway is a national transport corridor that is vitally important for the transport of goods between the Port of Rotterdam and the European hinterland. The road currently dead-ends in a pasture. For the economy of the Netherlands, it is important for traffic to be able to travel directly to Germany. The new connection between the current A15 motorway and the A12 motorway will also help to alleviate traffic on the surrounding road network and ensure improved accessibility in the region.”

A part of the plan is to construct a “lid” on the below-grade position of the A15 extension near the hamlet of De Helhoek.

Construction is expected to begin in 2019, and the new road open to traffic in the period 2021-2023

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