Bituchem’s Airpatch perfect solution for potholes and surface deformations
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Bituchem’s Airpatch perfect solution for potholes and surface deformations

Bituchem’s Airpatch perfect solution for potholes and surface deformations

AirPatch is an engineered, sprayed application from BituChem that provides an excellent ‘break’ and quality pothole repair solution that fixes potholes and other surface deformations.

AirPatch is designed to repair potholes and other surface deformations by spraying the surface with aggregate. It is engineered to not only be compatible with local aggregate but also be a superb adhesion binder. The compressed air removes any loose debris before a coat of AirPatch is applied to the repair area and finished with a layer of chippings. The AirPatch is evenly applied up to the existing road level and the edges are then tidied up using compressed air. Compaction is achieved by everyday use.


A bespoke highway emulsion, AirPatch is polymer modified (unmodified version available) and doesn’t require manual application, reducing the risk of injury in a busy environment. Special to BituChem, the formulation of AirPatch can be altered so that the local aggregate is chemically compatible, making the patch more durable.


AirPatch technology has been developed for speedy, safe, and effective pothole repair. The innovative highway emulsion, used in collaboration with our partner’s mobile patch repair systems, is ideal for both planned and emergency pothole repair on a carriageway. All repair work is carried out by the operative from the truck’s cab using an adjustable boom that extends from the front of the vehicle to greatly improve safety.

Pothole repair is an important topic for motorists. In 2016, the AA stated that 40% of its members had suffered pothole damage to their vehicles in the previous two years. According to the RAC, their data shows that call outs caused by potholes have doubled over the past decade. Typical damage from a pothole impact includes buckled wheels, cracks, lumps in the tyre, cracked alloys and problems with the tracking and wheel balancing. Broken suspension springs and damaged shock absorbers can also occur from driving over a pothole.

A combination of wet weather conditions and increased traffic causes potholes. What starts as a small defect or crack in the road surface allows water to penetrate, and during cold weather, the water freezes and expands to form a cavity. More water then settles in the hole making it worse when combined with daily road use. The British winter climate has become wetter since the start of the 21st century and there are now more vehicles than ever on our roads which only makes the problem worse.


East Riding of Yorkshire is just one area that is benefiting from having AirPatch on its roads. BituChem was chosen along with a variety of other contractors as part of a highways maintenance project for the council, who is very pleased with the results.

Andy Potter, Operations Manager, East Riding of Yorkshire Council commented, “BituChem’s AirPatch product has proved itself on site. We are more than happy with the product and excellent service that we get from BituChem.”

Alongside the innovative highway preservation products, BituChem manufactures and supplies its NatraTex and NatraTex Colour asphalt surface courses to the surfacing contractors throughout the UK. Supplied hot and laid conventionally like any ‘blacktop’, NatraTex and NatraTex Colour use a clear binder with coloured or natural aggregate to achieve long lasting, aesthetically pleasing, maintenance-free pedestrian and highway surfaces.

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