How to create solutions that reduce accidents on roads and dangerous junctions
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How to create solutions that reduce accidents on roads and dangerous junctions

How to create solutions that reduce accidents on roads and dangerous junctions

Nearly 5 people die on the UK’s road every day. It’s a well-known figure that has remained stubbornly high for the past 5 years. Crashes at junctions are the largest single cause of injury on the roads and that straightforward changes to road markings and layout can massively reduce the number of road accidents. So why has it been so difficult to reduce the injury numbers?

The facts and figures are summarised in this infographic:

Road Junction Safety Infographic

Clearview Intelligence understand that no two roads and road safety issues are identical, but many effective road safety solutions focus on innovation around the following common themes:

  • Improving Visibility. This reduces accident rates by giving drivers longer to respond to upcoming hazards sooner. If they can see further ahead, they can see hazards sooner and react safely.
  • Clear Delineation. Giving drivers more information directly in their field of vision keeps them alert and reduces stress.
  • Road layout improvements. Reducing confusion and allowing the driver time to assess the road and take the correct course of action can reduce erratic driving behaviour.
  • Dynamic signage. This tells drivers what’s happening on the road even before they see it. If there’s a car emerging from a junction, slow moving vehicle ahead, or a long vehicle straddling the lanes ahead an approaching driver receives early warning.

By applying innovative ideas and combining existing technology in new ways Clearview have designed many effective road safety solutions utilising these methods to positively influence driver behaviour and reduce the likelihood of accidents. From providing enhanced delineation to improve safety on the A1, to using dynamic signage to alert drivers to vehicles waiting to turn and reduce speeding on the A701, Clearview has many examples of road safety solutions that are reducing accidents on roads and dangerous junctions.

Solutions like these, targeting the most dangerous part of the network, are vital as we all work to bring down the stagnant road casualty figures. Where road operators are open to new technology and support a targeted approach to road safety, they have been rewarded with a reduction in the number of lives lost on their network. Perhaps this collaborative approach between road operators and technology providers to deploy innovative road safety solutions could lead to the changes needed to bring down the number of lives lost on our roads.

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