UBIWAN SMART wins Intermat Innovation Award
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UBIWAN SMART wins Intermat Innovation Award

UBIWAN SMART wins Intermat Innovation Award

UBIWAN®SMART, the connected management solution for outdoor construction equipment has won the 2018 Intermat Innovation Award in the Components & Accessories – Earthmoving & Demolition category. DMIC was presented with the winners’ award at a grand gala dinner which took place January 18th in Paris at Parc des Expositions de Paris-Nord Villepinte, in front of 300 professionals.

The jury, composed of 14 famous international key figures in the construction field, had decided to distinguish a true disruptive innovation in outdoor asset management. Jury members embraced the extraordinary potential of this innovation in use, driven by a technological innovation, and an ultra-efficient economic model. UBIWAN®SMART carries within it a promise of better performance for all Intermat visitors, be they CEO or Asset Managers. But it also offers a real possibility to benefit from the association of digital and collaborative work –applied to construction sites management.

In concrete terms, UBIWAN®SMART enables to reveal, real-time, location, usage and availability of each and every outdoor construction machinery or equipment. Even when the asset has no proper or continuous power supply, what was not possible so far. This innovation is mainly based on the introduction of LoRa technology (low-range / low-energy) within the geolocation device -boosted by a secret firmware, and the development of a really smart, easy-to-use and collaborative app.

With UBIWAN®SMART: Optimize the global use of equipment on different sites – Decrease time to find it – Simplify equipment scoring and assignment – Collaborate directly and efficiently – Lower and control the resort to rental – Reduce the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). All this driving to a ROI of 149%! (Result given for a 200 assets base – average value of 4,500/unit).


UBIWAN®SMART is a full web app, available on any device connected to Internet (PC, Tablet Computer, Smartphone…). It enables to reveal location and activity of each and every asset equipped with UBISPOT®3 device.

UBIWAN®SMART is particularly easy to learn and use, thanks to its ergonomics and efficiency, especially in retrieval of data and map display. UBIWAN®SMART also enables agents in the field to release any asset, by a simple touch on the screen.

With UBIWAN®SMART, you can see immediately on a map where your assets are. You can also find them classified by department, construction site, ID or key-word.

Each asset description sheet gives you at a glance its availability (currently used or not) -which you can modify by a simple touch-, use rate and last movements. You can also modify this description sheet (Picture, Internal ID/Registration, Product Class, Department, Purchase price…) and give some use objectives which will be automatically and visually reported on the “use rate” KPI. You can create alerts when your asset is used outside a geographic zone or time window, too. You have complete latitude to manage user rights and define equipment segmentation.
All data available in UBIWAN®SMART can be transferred in your ERP/BIM through APIs. UBISPOT®3 device includes GNSS/GPRS/LoRa™ and a movement detector. UBISPOT®3 is inviolable and designed to resist in outdoor environments. It is self-powered for 5 years and is ready to use without installation.

“We are all the more proud and honoured that this award will give an international visibility to a solution entirely designed and developed in France” says David Babin, CEO of DMIC. A powerful spotlight which “enables construction companies, as of now and very concretely, to benefit from the Industrial IoT to improve their performance, but also daily life of their teams, and the confidence between the stakeholders involved in a work site. By the way, our customers made no mistake about it: they began to test the solution as soon as available, in September 2017. To track mobile equipment, earthmoving machines, booms, or even to reveal usage of reels or welding stations”.

DMIC will be present at Intermat 2018, from April 23rd to 28th, Paris Porte de Versailles, booth 5b FG 03.

DMIC is a software editor and hardware designer, having core expertise in connected solutions dedicated to mobile asset management. Since its creation in 1991, DMIC helps its customers to find reliable and effective solutions in order to secure and enhance the performance of their activities. With over 15 years experience in telemetry and mobility, DMIC is one of the very first operators which enabled to improve fleet management. Since 2016, DMIC is back in the forefront with a new range of products based on LoRa™ technology, and which offers to track and optimize management of non-power-supplied outdoor assets in general and construction equipment in particular.

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