East meets West at China Bitumen and Road Conference 2024

East meets West at China Bitumen and Road Conference 2024

East meets West at China Bitumen and Road Conference 2024

Between 2000 and 2005, China underwent a phenomenal expansion of its road network, adding an impressive 250,700 kilometres and reaching a total length of 1,930,500 kilometres by 2005.

This progress marked a significant improvement in technical standards and the quality of road surfaces, establishing a new standard for highway development. By 2022, China’s highway length had exceeded 177,000 kilometres, leading to a substantial increase in passenger and freight transport, thereby making a significant contribution to the nation’s overall social and economic development in alignment with the country’s global trade aspirations.

This huge expansion of roads is not exclusive to China, but a phenomenon to whole East Asia. Countries such as Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Korea and Japan are all investing heavily on their infrastructure projects to enhance the quality of roads and to reach global standards considering sustainability.

The sighted investment of Asia-pacific region in road construction projects reaches nearly 2,500 Billion USD which is a very promising figure for relevant products’ producers and technology providers. Namely Australia, China and Indonesia are leading countries with long term expansion plans that are undergoing.

The construction and utilization of roadways provide substantial economic and social benefits. They act as vital conduits for enhancing connectivity, driving economic growth, and raising living standards. The construction of roads significantly contributes to the socio-economic and cultural development of rural communities, by providing improved infrastructure and creating local employment opportunities.

Additionally, the integration of advanced road construction methodologies, such as the incorporation of solar roadways and sustainable materials, offers advantages for both the industry and the community, including reduced environmental impact and increased sustainability. Moreover, advancements in road development can lead to reduced transport and travel expenses, positively impacting poverty reduction efforts.

In a bid to explore innovative strategies to address future challenges, Shaanxi Jaenter Trading Co., Ltd is thrilled to announce the launch of China Bitumen & Road Conference (CBRC) 2024 in collaboration with the expert team at Bitugroup LLC. Happening in the coming September, this event brings together East Asian government officials, industry experts, and other global bitumen and road professionals to participate in this significant gathering in Xi’an, China.

It is an essential step for companies & individuals involved in the bitumen, asphalt, and road construction industries, offering valuable insights into the continually evolving dynamics of the Pan-Asian market and serving as an ideal opportunity to expand business ventures in 2025. Attendees can anticipate engaging networking receptions and impactful speed networking sessions during the conference.

Participants from major bitumen producing countries such as Iran, Iraq, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia; Road machinery manufacturers from Germany, France, China, Turkey; Asphalt additives and chemical producers from Germany, Italy, China, Korea; Global bitumen traders, Road construction & Maintenance contractors and many more will be there in CBRC 2024 to discuss the latest trends and to network.

The significance of hosting such events in the region is further underscored by several factors:

  • Chinese interest in integrating innovative technologies in asphalt and road construction,
  • Collaborative knowledge exchange between China and Western technology pioneers to advance current technologies in the region and leverage state-of-the-art global technologies to push the global standards.
  • The burgeoning East Asian market and the substantial production volume of the asphalt and growing road construction industry in East Asian countries such as Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan and Korea.
  • The development of the asphalt and asphalt products market in China.

This fantastic event is taking place in 03-05 September 2024, in Xi’an China. All the information can be found in their website.

East meets West at China Bitumen and Road Conference 2024

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