Torrevieja Desalination Plant in Alicante getting €89m enhancements

Torrevieja Desalination Plant in Alicante getting €89m enhancements

Torrevieja Desalination Plant in Alicante getting €89m enhancements

The joint venture of Sacyr and Ferrovial has been awarded a €89.5 million contract by Acuamed to enhance the Torrevieja desalination plant in Alicante.

This significant upgrade, expected to be completed over the next four years, aims to bolster the facility’s capacity by 50%, increasing the annual desalinated water output from 80 hm³ to 120 hm³.

The Sacyr-Ferrovial JV will undertake several critical activities to achieve the project’s objectives:

  • Construction of a New Warehouse: Spanning almost 5,000 square metres, this new facility will house advanced reverse osmosis desalination systems and an electrical room. Additionally, five new racks equipped with energy recovery and PX isobaric chambers will be installed.
  • Seawater Collection Expansion: To double the seawater collection and pumping capacity, the JV will expand the catchment system with two new units.
  • Pumping Capacity Increase: Significant upgrades will be made to the seawater pumping systems to accommodate the increased capacity.
  • CO2 Dosing System Modification: The system will be enhanced by pressurising permeate water before dosing.
  • Treated Water Pumping Station Expansion: The project includes upgrading the EBI plant’s pumping station and adding a second step at the EBII, incorporating three new pumps and an anti-ram tank.

Ensuring a Steady Water Supply

One of the primary goals of this project is to secure a reliable water supply for both residential and agricultural use. The expanded capacity will support the population of the Mancomunidad de Canales del Taibilla and ensure sufficient irrigation for the crops in Campo de Cartagena.

By increasing the desalinated water output, the JV aims to address the growing water demand in these areas.

A Collaborative Effort

The joint venture comprises Sacyr Water (40%), Sacyr Construction (10%), Cadagua, Ferrovial’s water unit (40%), and Ferrovial Construction (10%). This partnership leverages the strengths and expertise of each company to deliver a project of this scale and complexity.

A Technological Leap

The integration of cutting-edge reverse osmosis technology marks a significant advancement for the Torrevieja plant. This system is renowned for its efficiency in desalination, ensuring the highest quality of water while minimising energy consumption.

The addition of energy recovery devices and PX isobaric chambers further underscores the project’s commitment to sustainability.

Economic and Environmental Impact

The €89.5 million investment is not just a financial commitment but a strategic move to foster economic growth in the region. By enhancing the desalination plant, the JV will create job opportunities and stimulate local businesses involved in the supply chain.

Moreover, the environmental benefits of a more efficient desalination process cannot be overstated. With reduced energy consumption and improved water quality, the project sets a benchmark for future desalination initiatives.

A Future of Water Security

The renewal of the Torrevieja desalination plant by the Sacyr-Ferrovial JV is a landmark project with far-reaching implications. By increasing the plant’s capacity, enhancing its technological infrastructure, and ensuring a steady water supply for both residential and agricultural needs, the project stands as a testament to what can be achieved through strategic collaboration and innovation.

As the JV embarks on this four-year journey, the region can look forward to a future where water scarcity is addressed through sustainable and efficient solutions. The successful completion of this project will not only serve the immediate needs of Alicante but also set a precedent for similar projects across the globe.

Torrevieja Desalination Plant in Alicante getting €89m enhancements

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