Future proofing our cities at ARCHITECT@WORK 2019

Future proofing our cities at ARCHITECT@WORK 2019

Future proofing our cities at ARCHITECT@WORK 2019

An impressive list of industry experts from architecture, development and the arts are set to share their knowledge at ARCHITECT@WORK, 30 th to 31 st January. This two-day trade show with a focus on architectural innovation will take place at The Old Truman Brewery in Shoreditch. It includes free admission for registered trade visitors and complimentary catering throughout, which encourages networking and downtime as well as deal-making opportunities.

The theme for ARCHITECT@WORK LONDON 2019 is “future-proof”. In an age when change is measured in seconds, not years, and sustainability is a necessity, not an extra, architects and designers are increasingly tasked with proposing projects with longevity. How can practitioners ensure they are taking the lead when it comes to future-proofing their projects and who is setting the agenda for tomorrow’s built environment?

Alongside the talks programme, leading international architectural suppliers will showcase over 200 innovative products. Other show features include an exhibition by MaterialDriven, a project wall by world-architects.com, RIBA’s Pop-Up Book Shop for Architects and Designers, and art provided by Tichelaar.

Future proofing our cities at ARCHITECT@WORK 2019

Wednesday 30 January

15:00 – Modern Methods

Offsite construction and prefabrication are the buzzwords of the day but they are bringing about a quiet revolution within the built environment. A series of high-profile case studies will be explored in this talk, demonstrating how modern methods of construction are changing building design across all sectors.

  • Chair: Sarah Yates, New London Architecture
  • Hazel Rounding, shedKM
  • Dave Lomax, Waugh Thistleton
  • Kevin Gray, BeFirst
  • Mark Rintoul, Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners

Future proofing our cities at ARCHITECT@WORK 2019

16:15 – Sarah Wigglesworth in conversation

Architect Sarah Wigglesworth has been championing sustainable design for decades and has created projects that foster social wellbeing, while retaining her environmental credentials. In this special interview she will reveal the key projects that have shaped the practice, as well as upcoming work that demonstrates the evolution of their work.

  • Chair: Hattie Hartman, Architects’ Journal
  • Sarah Wigglesworth
  • Mellor Primary School by Sarah Wigglesworth Architects

Future proofing our cities at ARCHITECT@WORK 2019


17:30 – Back to the future

Demolishing old buildings and replacing them with new ones is expensive and bad for the environment. The truly sustainable approach for the city is one that renovates and reimagines its built heritage, making it fit for purpose for the contemporary occupant. This panel of experts will look at a range of case studies, from homes to offices, galleries to exhibition centres.

  • Chair: Chris Foges, Architecture Today
  • Catarina Kohut, Jonathan Tuckey Design
  • Trevor Morris, SPPARC
  • Nicola Rutt, Hawkins\Brown
  • Alexander Lervik, industrial designer

Future proofing our cities at ARCHITECT@WORK 2019

Thursday 31 January

13:00 – Eco is not a dirty word

Sustainability is absolutely integral to the future of the built environment but there are still only a few companies that are creating truly innovative projects and developments. The speakers on this panel will explain the power of green design, with small boutique projects that wrap around trees, mega structures and sustainable strategies for healthy city development.

  • Chair: Eleanor Young, RIBA Journal
  • Jerry Tate, Tate Harmer
  • Cany Ash, Ash Sakula
  • Piers Taylor, Invisible Studio

Future proofing our cities at ARCHITECT@WORK 2019

16:15 – Zero carbon cities

What can we do to make our cities carbon neutral? The technology exists but we need good design coupled with developers and local government to make it a reality. This panel of experts will prove that zero carbon isn’t science fiction, it’s happening now and it’s obtainable for everyone.

  • Chair: TBC
  • Linda Thiel, White Arkitekter
  • Bill Dunster, ZEDfactory
Project by Adam Nathaniel Furman
Project by Adam Nathaniel Furman

17:30 – Brave new world

Architects and designers have historically played an important role in helping us visualise what our world might look like in the near future. By using cutting-edge technologies and radical forms, we are encouraged to look ahead and not back. However, restrained and rational projects have become the fashion in recent years and this talk explores the work of a few brave souls that are creating the places and spaces of the future, inspiring the next generation.

  • Chair: Helen Parton, freelance design journalist
  • Aleksa Rizova, ALEKSA studio
  • Adam Nathaniel Furman
  • Stefano Dal Piva, ACME
  • Daniel Blaker, Nulty

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