New technology and service enhancements are key for Hyundai at Bauma 2019

New technology and service enhancements are key for Hyundai at Bauma 2019

New technology and service enhancements are key for Hyundai at Bauma 2019

Hyundai Construction Equipment Europe (HCEE) is committed to staying on top of the latest technology trends and will be bringing a lot of new technology and services enhancements to Bauma 2019 for their customers to discover.

Key topics like fuel efficiency, productivity, safety, convenience, improved uptime and detailed machine management are the key messages for Hyundai.

The new technologies are applied on the new Stage V products: the HX300A L, the HX220A L and the HL960A. These innovations will be showcased at Bauma which highlight that the new Stage V products involve more than an engine upgrade.

Matrix New Technology

  EPIC EPFC Auto Safety Lock Eco Guidance MG/MC IWM Radar & Secondary Monitor Remote Door Control
HX300A L – Stage V x   x x x      
HX220A L – Stage V   x x x x      
HL960A – Stage V       x   x x x
Fuel efficiency x x   x   x    
Productivity         x      
Safety     x   x   x x
Convenience         x      

EPIC or Electric Pump Independent Control. This energy saving technology reduces the pump flow rate during levelling & truck loading operation by controlling the pump’s displacement individually.

EPFC or Electric Positive Flow Control. EPFC results in the improvement of fuel efficiency and controllability by a flow reduction technique for excavator operations.

Auto Safety Lock prevents unintended operation/start of the machine of the excavator in order to improve safety.

Eco guidance indicates inefficient operation status to prevent fuel consumption by improper working habits on the machine cluster.

MG/MC or Machine Guidance / Machine Control. Indicates the work status and automatically controls the attachment to assist the driver. The MG displays the position of the bucket tip with respect to the pre-defined target surface. The MC will automatically control the grading with the bucket tip or face and will have an automatic stop control: up, down, forward and cabin protection.

IWM or Intelligent Work Mode achieves a 3% to 5% fuel saving and provides smooth operation at high load work such as loading. IWM detects the high load work with the data acquired from the sensors on the machine. It will then adjust the engine speed to apply optimal power distribution for working and driving resulting in reduced energy loss.

Radar & Secondary Monitor. This safety feature (option) is especially useful when the wheel loader is moving backward. Machines equipped with Radar and the AAVM safety system (Advanced Around View Monitoring, the 360° around view four camera safety system) automatically activate the iMOD (Intelligent Moving Object Detection) when the machine is not moving and the Radar alarm during travel. The strength lies in the smart combination of the systems which results in increased accuracy and reliability. The secondary monitor always shows the AAVM and Radar status.

Remote door control. This convenient and safe technology improvement makes drivers can control the cabin door (lock/unlock/open) at fifteen meters distance from the machine and allows to open the door safely before they climb the ladder to enter the machine. This prevents accidents while handling the door when already standing on the ladder.

New technology and service enhancements are key for Hyundai at Bauma 2019
New technology and service enhancements are key for Hyundai at Bauma 2019

Matrix New Services

  ECD MCD FOTA HCE-DT Monthly report
HX300A L – Stage V x x x x x
HX220A L – Stage V x x x x x
HL960A L – Stage V x x x x x
Fuel efficiency          
Uptime x x x x  
Manage         x

ECD (Engine Connected Diagnostics) will support the After Sales technicians and dealers with a diagnostics report (via e-mail, mobile, app or HiMATE) on the engine performance. This results in an improved engine fault code monitoring and will ensue that After Sales technicians arrive on site with the necessary tools and fix trouble in one visit.

MCD (Machine Connected Diagnostics) allows to easily gather and analyse various data on the machine performance related to fault in HiMATE. This will result in an improved uptime.

FOTA (Firmware Over The Air) allows for remote software updates for MCU (Machine Control Unit) and RMCU (Remote Machine Control Unit) whenever there is a software update available in HiMATE. Upon starting the machine the operator gets a notification stating he needs to install the updates for MCU and RMCU. When the operator has finished the installation the dealer administrator receives a confirmation.

HCE-DT is the Hyundai Construction Equipment offline equipment Diagnostics which provides troubleshooting information using HiMATE user authentication.

Monthly report (generated by HiMATE) – The report generated by HiMATE allows for improved fleet management by sending monthly e-mail reports including a summary of the operation and the fuel consumption analysis.

Commenting on the latest technology improvements and service enhancements, Gert Peeters, Technical Research Engineer of HCEE, said, “At Bauma 2019 it will be clear for all visitors that we are speeding on the technology highway. The latest technology improvements and service enhancements on our brand new Stage V products are impressive. Our customers are key and we focus on the exact elements that matter to our customers.

At Hyundai Construction Equipment we managed to improve fuel efficiency, enhance productivity, add crucial safety features, improve uptime management and uptime of the machines while at the same time stay convenient for the operators.”

Hyundai at Bauma 2019

Hyundai Construction Equipment Europe (HCEE) will present at Bauma 2019 15 construction equipment products on the company’s 2705 m² stand located in the open-air area FM.812A. With 6 brand new machines HCEE is further expanding its product range while at the same time releasing its newest Stage V models.

The general theme is the “Hyundai Effect”, synonymous for the customer’s experience when working with Hyundai, ranging from a top-notch machine & technology experience to the complete peace of mind thanks to the excellent dealer network, the great service provided and the strong spare parts availability throughout Europe.

Hyundai Construction Equipment Europe can be found at Bauma in the open-air area FM.812A

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