VolvoCE videos lampoon traditional equipment telematics systems

VolvoCE videos lampoon traditional equipment telematics systems

VolvoCE videos lampoon traditional equipment telematics systems

MID: 140, PSID: 15, FMI: 8 — Many construction equipment owners and equipment fleet managers are constantly hit with round after round of confusing fault codes like this as part of their generic telematics systems.

Instead of deciphering a large number of fault codes, Volvo CE customers with an ActiveCare Direct subscription receive a simple case alert by e-mail about the most urgent issues.

A case alert includes an easy-to-understand, plain language description of any issues found and the suggested fixes to help fleet managers take appropriate actions in a timely manner to get problems fixed before they effect productivity or turn into a larger and more expensive problem to fix.

As a way to demonstrate the difference between fault codes and case alerts, Volvo Construction Equipment has released a humorous series of three short videos which allow “Ted the mechanic” to explain how the Volvo telematics system works.

The series focuses on three real-world issues — excessive regens, a clogged filter and air in the lube system — and shows how the information is displayed from the traditional telematics systems when these issues are raised.

“Confusing telematics fault codes were one of the inspirations for ActiveCare Direct in the first place,” said David Adams, product sales manager, connected services. “We know excessive, complex fault codes are no laughing matter, but we wanted to take a light-hearted approach in the hopes more fleet managers will see what ActiveCare Direct does to make machine maintenance easier.”

Case alerts are the in-the-minute complement to detailed monthly ActiveCare Direct fleet utilization reports — these are both aimed at helping customers get the most out of their machines in terms of productivity and down-time.

To learn more about ActiveCare Direct 24/7/365 active machine monitoring and monthly fleet utilization reporting, visit the ActiveCare Direct page on the Volvo website.

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