Easytread Automated Tyre Tread Measurement set to drive road safety forward
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Easytread Automated Tyre Tread Measurement set to drive road safety forward

Easytread Automated Tyre Tread Measurement set to drive road safety forward

Tackling common road safety issues, and delivering an ongoing sales opportunity, the Beissbarth EasyTread automated tyre wear measurement system from Everard allows workshops to provide customers with a quick, effective and value-driven service.

Figures from the Department for Transport show that faulty tyres contributed to almost one-third of all road traffic accidents in the UK – where mechanical wear was a contributing factor – between 2013-19. Helping to combat this issue, Beissbarth EasyTread, the automated tyre wear measurement equipment, is now available from exclusive UK distributor, premium garage design and installation company, Everard. With precise drive-over measurement in seconds, it enables the streamlining of mandatory vehicle health check practices while addressing road safety and providing upsell opportunities.

“The harsh reality is that a lot of drivers don’t regularly check the condition of their tyres and that many wouldn’t know how to, instead relying on the annual MoT to rubber-stamp their vehicle’s safety,” says Everard divisional manager, Jamie Taylor. “As a tester evaluates the condition of the car on the day it is presented for its test, the MoT cannot take into consideration the next 12 months’ use.”

Beissbarth’s EasyTread carries out a precise tyre measurement in seconds and can be installed in an area of the workshop that allows full utilisation, such as the main entrance or specific bays. This means that every vehicle entering can be quickly checked and, with clear on-screen or printed results, the analysis shared with the customer to demonstrate the need for any wheel alignment or related services.

Easytread Automated Tyre Tread Measurement set to drive road safety forward

“An upsell opportunity then exists that offers a more complete service without any significant impact on time,” continues Taylor. “If uneven wear patterns are identified, the workshop could then carry out a 90-second wheel alignment check, or carry out a complete vehicle alignment in under 20 minutes, using Beissbarth’s Easy 3D+.”

The Beissbarth EasyTread can be simply installed either on- or in-ground, with the on-ground application featuring a reduced profile that is still suitable for extremely low vehicles. Either require only power and an ethernet connection, without the need of the compressed air line relied upon by alternative systems. Drive-over speed can be up to 5mph with a maximum tyre width of 450mm and with a 4-tonne load limit per axle, making the solution equally suitable for the light commercial vehicle industry.

Easytread Automated Tyre Tread Measurement set to drive road safety forward

“The simplicity of design and installation enables Beissbarth EasyTread to offer a cost-effective option without compromising robustness; Volkswagen manufacturer approval provides assurance of leading precision and repeatability,” says Everard sales director, James Everard. “Ease of use also significantly reduces the risk of human error. EasyTread can be specified with ANPR recognition, which heightens the sense of receiving a cutting-edge service and makes it the perfect complement to any connected workshop of the future seeking to protect their investments. It is an especially timely technology, given the rise in prominence of electric vehicles ahead of the 2035 ban on new petrol and diesel car sales, and how hard their increased weight and torque can be on rubber.”

By utilising LED light refraction technology housed within a single, durable unit that’s rated to IP65 protection levels, unlike alternative systems EasyTread is not only easy to clean but operates with full functionality and precision even in dirty conditions or for tyres partly obscured by seasonal debris, such as leaves.

For further details of Beissbarth suite of products or to discuss the evolving requirements of modern workshop and garages, please use the contact details below.

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